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SMoney by ShaliAli, MCreator

ShaliAli's Money Mod.

Pointy Sticks Mod by Endernoobs 314owen

Craft the Pointiest of Sticks


Adds Dwarven Weapons and Armour to the game! As well as Tools!

IP Finder by WORMSTweaker

Get the IP of the actual server you're on and return it to your chat.

CraftTech by Ryan

CraftTech is a work in progress mod that will add various machines and utilities to the game. There are also new ores, tools, weapons, and building blocks!


This is an example mod

JewelMod by McMDK

Bird's Nests by Cleverpanda714

adds a pseudo-random reward event from chopping trees.

mod_dirtygold by shadowgamer129, MCreator

Carbon Paper by Lothrazar

Carbon paper crafted with charcoal. Copy and paste the contents of Note Blocks and Signs

Insta House

Adds plenty of structures that can be instantly spawned with a flick of a staff.


OpenComputers addon, allows for color changing lights.





Redstone Distortion by UniversalRed

A mod that adds more equipment to BuildCraft

Glow by Duke605

Adds in new ways to light up your world and make your life just a little brighter. Part of the Micro Series.


plus two monster and three boss five item

NoF3 by CreeperShift

Removes the F3 debug screen.

Void Fog by Tamaized

Brings back the old Void Fog


This is an example mod


This mod adds in many cookie & chocolate related items into your Minecraft world

MekanismTools by aidancbrady

Tools module for Mekanism.

Panterakawaii's fav mod by Panterakawaii, MCreator

This mod adds marbles and some extra stuff

LotMetaBlockMod by LOTqwerty

Iridium Mod by DevilDead

Add iridium ore block to the worldgen for IC2.

Rainbow Oak Trees by csb987

A standalone implementation of the Twilight Forest Rainbow Oak Tree


This mod allows you to make and grow ameo which lets you make dirt with -

The Jack in a Box Mod

The Jack in a Box Mod adds in a variety of boxes used to generate random objects

shopgui by runescapejon

shop gui for modded network!

New World Order by djsrv

Configure the Create World screen