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Gemtastica/JAMM by TheErik557

Just another mineral mod, more than tools, some decorative blocks and items, and trades

BendyCraftUpdate4 by NightmareByDesign, MCreator

The Mod Of The Game. Bendy And The Ink Machine by theMeatly. Support him on Gamejolt.

BEMachines by bonin888, MCreator

Adds some cool machines!

WandItems by _Zixel_

WE & WG Items

ArkaniaZ by Creat789

ArkaniaZ Mods

QwerTech by Qwertygiy

An addon to GregTech 6, featuring achievements, tools, and more


This is an example mod


This is a mod that adds guns!

CraftableHorseArmor by DemoXin

Dress your steed to impress! Adds recipes for crafting saddles and horse armors.


This is an example mod

Inventory Spam by gigaherz

Shows the items added and removed from the inventory


JStar MassSound Card for OpenComputers allows playing of minecraft sounds


the forever w.i.p mod


Chain Destruct blocks


Quartztools est un mod qui rajoute des outils, armes et armures en quartz.

Activated Carbon by _Socol_

A simple solution to all problems.

Pack Switcher Mod

Quicker pack switching.

Simple Tubes by oMilkyy

Another mod that adds tubes to Minecraft...and maybe other things???

Render360 by 18107

Renders the game with a 360 degree view

Retrogen Revamp by Master_Hill_

Adds the content of later versions to your favorite modded jar!

Compressed Blocks by Kreezxil by Kreezxil

Fighting the block invasion and winning!


This is an example mod

Philosopher's Stone by DarkMilou

Add Philosopher's Stone like EE3.

GimmeTime by iTitus

Adds an ingame clock and an alarm system

Fence Jumper by p455w0rd aka TheRealp455w0rd

Easily jump over fences


mod pour vegasfactions

Physica by aurilisdev, oakiepal

Physica is a Minecraft Mod focused around science and technology that introduces many new machines/blocks and items into the game.

Vertical Slabs Mod

This Mod adds vertical slabs!