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Pam's Melon Spawn by MatrexsVigil

This mod adds melon patches in the world similar to pumpkin patches in forest, plains, swamp, ocean, and jungle biomes

Animated Player Mod

A mod that replaces the player model with a new better animated model with more joints.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

CommandsGUI! by flametaichou

FortCraft Alpha 4.6 by DaMythicalYT, MCreator

Fortnite In Minecraft!!

Infinitely Spreading Water by Techern_Cruz, HoldYourWaffle

Fill up your pools and dams with these creative items

Factum Opus by Vexatos

A Factorization addon.

Practicalities by Jotato

Making your Minecraft life easier since 1984

Aardappel by tonius11

Random stuff and things, made by Tonius when he gets bored or is trying things out.


This is an example mod

Half Stick Mod by RoiEX

A Mod adding in Half Sticks and other stuff!

Block Envy by ingenitor

Envious of blocks I can't have yet or want to exist.

Standalone Actuator by laod

Definitely not an Autonomous Activator Knockoff

DynamicLib by awesommist

Common library for all 'Dynamics' mods.

Elemental Food by PolarFluid, OfficiallyPolar

Apples now have effects when eaten!


Try to find the secret Diamond Reciepe!

Hunger Overhaul by iguana_man

Hunger mechanics overhauled

Advanced Genetics by ObsiLP

A mod created by ObsiLP which adds Genetic-Science to Minecraft.

NBT BOOM by a08381, BakaMihu(Source)

BOOM Server By NBT Exploit

Mailbox Mod

Example placeholder mod.

AutoSowseed by ecru

Auto sow seed

Zildium by Zilkoniss

This mod add technology, new biome, new dimensions, ...

Tomahawk by Zot

Chat Notifier by XeliteXirish

Simple notifier to notify you when someone says your name

Boss Tools by nokturnusmf

Adds powerful tools to the game, earned by defeating Minecraft's bosses

Extruder Mod by awesommist

Adds Extruders to Minecraft!

Rolik Core by Rolik

Main core for all Rolik's mods.

Architect by Sangar

Make building repetitive things easier.


Mod de HavenRP

Nature Wands and Things by jpchatham

Wands and other items that change the world!.