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Previous Name Grabber by Sexyandikit

Grabs old names of players.

Cut by loukl

a loukl mod

Simply Tokens by GameGunner5

A token mod created for DIGITAL REALITY: HARDWIRED. These tokens are UNCRAFTABLE.

InfinityCraft by Rowan662

Adds a lot of new ores, items, food, weapons and armor!!

Inventory Tweaks FP by Jimeo Wan, Kobata, Flerpharos

Tweaks to inventory handling for ease of use.

Paraknight Mod Pack by Paraknight, GotoLink

Scaffolding by LogicTechCorp

A mod that implements scaffolding.

Pam's Melon Spawn by MatrexsVigil

This mod adds melon patches in the world similar to pumpkin patches in forest, plains, swamp, ocean, and jungle biomes


Beinhaltet Items für LandOfRails

BitMoarOres by Junior, MCreator

1.12.2 release

PixelCam by CrushedPixel

A cinematic tool to create smooth camera movements along a path.

Block Reinforcings Mod

Adds a variety of Stone, Iron and Obsidian reinforced blocks


mod pour vegasfactions

Aspectdumper by ExampleDude

for minecraft 1.7.10.

Ancient Warfare Structures Module by shadowmage4513

Adds Structure Building tools and World Generation


Enter short description here

FD 1.12.2 V2 by Danil, MCreator

Cool foods

Depressed Coal by NyanMC, MCreator

joke mod remake because of the people at mcreator doing a big dumb

Hardcore Expanded by TheWerty1124

Fear death again and add more of a challenge without worrying about losing your world.



Wynn Expansion by EHTYCSCYTHE, SHsuperCM

A bunch of quality of life improvements for playing on Wynncraft

CropDusting by MrAmericanMike

Crop Dusting Mod.

Xenocraft Chronicles by Laikar Eradicum

Its a mod about Xenoblade Chronicles

Redstone Minus Redstone by asiekierka

What the flux?

Example for JourneyMap API by TechBrew

Example mod showing how to write a plugin for the JourneyMap API.

Extended Blocks by Max_Freemen, LeyxorCheysen, max100500pro

This mod adds a lot of decoration&building blocks to your Minecraft world.


sirluxxy é foda

Armor Effect Mod by intarray, GotoLink

Mundane Redstone by svennieke, Mrbysco

Replacing Vanilla Redstone ore with non-shiny redstone since 2017

PlateableItems Mod by MrTutankhamun

This is a simple mod that adds plates to the game! Yay! And you can place items/blocks/food on them aswell! :D (More stuff will be added in future updates!) Hope you like my mod!


EXPLODING DIMENSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is an example mod

CorsairCraft by gudenau

Changes your LEDs based on ingame-status.

DogCatPlus by flameFox

add Mobs (Doggy, Kitty, Skeleton, Cactuar, Bunny, Enderman)

Better Anvils by vdvman1

This is a small mod that just removes the anvil XP limit.