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§aLittleUtilities§r by §bMCE626§r

Just small little things.

Mystical Wildlife by Lykrast

Adds various imaginary animals to the world.


Enter short description here

Mouse Tweaks by YaLTeR

Have you ever been tired of right clicking while crafting furnaces, chests or whatever? My client-side mod solves this problem! Just hold your right mouse button in one inventory slot and drag your mouse toward another. Also works with left mouse button! Credits: LiteLoader and some mods' source code, which I used as a reference to how to do certain stuff when I was unsure.

Durability Viewer by Giselbaer

Creates a HUD that shows current item durability, arrow count, and inventory slots

easly by 瑞基, MCreator

Enter short description here

DenPipes by denoflionsx

DenPipes is a small addon for Buildcraft that implements various pipes that aid in making builds smarter and more compact

addon opensource tech

GuiFix by Ayou


Diamond Paxel Mod (Remake) by TheeAnonymousOne

This mod was basically a remake of the very old Diamond Paxel Mod by IWannaWin. I added a German name for it.


This is an example mod

mod_GlowBlocksandLights by Jeremy O'Hara, MCreator

Glow Blocks and Fluorescent Lights

Spliced by Denyol

Slicing and splicing to your heart's content, maybe you might get lucky.

MagiBridge by Eufranio

A utility Discord <-> Minecraft chat relay plugin


This is an example mod

More Dyeable Armors by SinaMegapolis

Adds a Dyeable Version of Armors!

Super Villain by colossali

Axis of Evil! Assemble!


Welcome to the Plastic Dimension Mods! I hope you enjoy it!

Ageing Mobs by svennieke, Mrbysco

This mod allows mobs to age and transform.

Plant Mega Pack by 10paktimbits

Add realistic plants to Minecraft.

Name History Mod by Nucha

Add a command that can check a player's name history

Lucky Blocks Mod by jond311

It makes mining fun!

FoggyRain by theunknownxy

Moar rain!

AnimationAPI by thehippomaster21

A supporting mod that allows modders to make animations more easily.


Uber Blade


Adds potato chips to minecraft. How to craft: Just with one raw potato

Potion-Craft by White_Draco

Mix your Potion

Mechinas Magick by Suatae, Omegami

The primary mod designed for the Mechinas Magick modpack.

Wish Mod by Wishbonea

My Mod to add Base Brick

Ancient Weapons

Uncover the ancient legends buried deep beneath the world of Minecraft...

Dirt Bikes And More! by rich1051414, Models by JoeTheAntiPro

A dirtbike and jeep mod originally written to compliment the JurassicCraft modpack on the VoidLauncher.


Better Dig and attack