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Wundr Mod Utils by wundrweapon

Collection of code used in all of wundrweapon's mods

Multimeters by CJMinecraft

Adds multimeters which can view details about tile entities without opening a GUI.

MineStream mod by Quieteroks

MineStream additional block mod.


FCM Lien:

Paladium Christmas by goldorak85

Paladium Christmas Mod.

Tinkers Alloying Addon by Zkaface, Chefe

An addon for Tinkers' Construct! 32 New Materials including 16 various alloys.

Wynncraft Experience Display by nbcss

For display player experience


La Actualización de laOrden

Discord Mod by Kopa

My second mod


Complete rituals and risk your life to gain special abilities.

Neko Bag by ペコリン


J&A Mod by aik

Deko Items für J&A Modded Minecraft

Fast Log Block by LionZXY

Mod for logging block place and break


Turn Coal into Blaze Rods and Dirt into Flint just by smelting it!

Particle Control by CoolSquid

Allows you to disable particles by type.

Explosive Items Mod by Sancho_Lp, MCreator

Explosive Items

Retro Project by WOLFI3654

A great mod for the retro poject, 1.8.9 Üprt

Wild plants by biggi107, MCreator

Adds wild carrot, potato and beetroot plant

Pleasure Island

Experience Minecraft with new items, people and great pleasure!

Endless City by Julian Hyde

Creates a vast empty city, to be explored and destroyed. Explore and city and try to return life to this ravaged land

mod_PartyOre by Klemen, Idea: Albus, MCreator


Kamen Rider Craft V3 by Kelco_K22

Example placeholder mod.

Awesome Diamond Tools by FerreiraAlex

ENG: Mod add in game new sets like Super Diamond Tools and Ultra Diamond Tools ÐÓÑ: Ìîä äîáàâëÿåò â èãðó óëó÷øåííóþ àëìàçíóþ áðîíþ è èíñòðóìåíòû.

AntiCheat Mod by LaoChen

Anti cheat mod.

The Instant House Mod by JavaBuckets - Thom

The Instant House Mod adds in Items and Blocks which canbe used to create Instant structures meaning you don't have to build them yourself!


Pigs, Pigs and more Pigs


A fun mod with lots of new things!

Dragonvale by cocorj07, Johanno, amgshaffer, BlueEyes99

The DragonvaleMod based on the (App)game Dragonvale Authors: amgshaffer - texturer Johanno(alias JojoD) - coder BlueEyes99 - modeler + texturer cocorj07 - ideas and mod creator

MoreItems Mod by iPixelArchitekt

A Mod, who add many Items.

Environmental Creepers by masa

Allows tweaking Creeper (and other) explosions, for example to always drop all blocks as items


TitaneMods 1.0.2

Unwritten Blocks by UnwrittenFun

A collection of blocks made by unwrittenfun

FusionLord's Patrons by FusionLord

Provides assets and shared code for my patrons


Mod that add NbtCard for OpenComputers

Restricted Portals by MoreThanHidden

A mod that requires you to craft an item before allowing the player to enter the nether or end, this is to stop people on multiplayer servers bypassing early game.

EnderDragon Tools by nokturnusmf

A mod that adds a much greater reward for defeating the EnderDragon!