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McTimer by Gigabit101

CherryPig by Othlon

Dem Piggies

Territorial Dealings by Domochevsky

Territories, factions, protections and how to deal with it all.


This is an example mod

CrayTokens Lite by Paint_Ninja

A lightweight rewrite of CrayTokens by Mr_Crayfish for Minecraft 1.7.10

Pocket Blocks by Drullkus

Pocket Blocks!


A minecraft Mod

StackBan by TrenTech

Ban a variety of item actions, including crafting a configured item, placing or breaking and more


§6KKaylium Conspiracy

Colorful Armor

Dye all your armor.


woow!!!!! its magic

Throwable Everything Mod

Thorw everything at the Creeper

Turbo Model Thingy by jamioflan, garycxjk

Copied from flansmod 4.9.0

Rocks by Arc18 & Lavagun18, MCreator

Add several rocks same as andesite, diorite and granite.

MekaTweaker by Lorexe

Add support for infuser type and gas from Mekanism into CraftTweaker


Add a new leather


New Ores, objects and Dimensions.

GemBlocksForGreg by UltraPeeks

Adds storage blocks for the gems used in gregtech. To be used with GregTech 5.07.07.

Potato knishes by LoneDev

Based on Ratboy Genius dreams Minecraft

Marble Blocks by Kerberos


Simple Hammers by DaemonUmbra

A mod that adds configurable multi-mining implements

Stingray's Hostile Aliens Mod 1.0.3 by Stingray Productions, MCreator

Adds hostile aliens!

EZGapples by IWillRekU3206

EZer Gapples

ScienceCraft Beta v0.1

Brings science to minecraft.

Ex Astris by LoveHoly

Ex Nihilo Addon


This mod adds a big variety of different items to play with like magical staffs, new ores, overpowered armor, weapons and tools, decoration blocks, armors and tools have special abilities and effects. Strike your enemies with lightning and overkill them, change the worlds' time decorate your house and more...

NandoCore by q3hardcore

Shared core for Nandonalt's mods.

Vitality by raphydaphy, Crowley723

Vitality is a magic/tech mod that adds new rituals, spells and gameplay to Survival Minecraft.

ExPContainerMod by clocka

[1.6.4] 経験値を保管するブロックを追加するMOD

Memory Bar by Henry Loenwind

Adds the splash screen memory bar to the F3 screen, and with a hotkey to the ingame HUD

Recipe Image Generator by tattyseal

A mod to allow mod authors to easily generate recipe images for their mod pages.

R0b0ts by PaleoCrafter, Din

Bringing modular robots to Minecraft!