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Silent's Gems - TiC

Tinkers Construct support for Silent's Gems

Paco's Mod

This is a special modification for your Minecraft!

Sweet Mod by RedOfTheStone

Craft your own favourite Sweets in Minecraft!

mod_OreoMod by donJOE2000, MCreator

Oreos and Chocolate.

Resonant Induction Mechanical by Calclavia, DarkCow, tgame14

Resonant Induction is a Minecraft mod (developed during ModJam 2013 competition) focusing on the manipulation of electricity and wireless technology.

tech opensource

Random Enchantments by Tfarcemin

Adds various miscellaneous enchants and curses to Minecraft.

BetterChunkLoader Forge Lib by KaiNoMood

A lib for BetterChunkLoader

ErxoiltBot by Erxoilt, MCreator

AI in minecraft by Erxoilt

The Scaffolding Mod

Adds cheap scaffolding to Minecraft.


This is an example mod

Ender Flowergirls by RenEvo

Prevents Enderman from carrying anything but red and yellow flower.

YopliTweaks by Yoplitein

Various odds and ends that make Minecraft that much better

Sword Art Online HUD

A Mod That Adds The HUD From The Popular Anime Sword Art Online Into Minecraft




Build your own log cabin in Minecraft!

Name Pain by naqaden

Name Pain changes nametag colors based on health.

Halocraft v0.6.3 by KILLER CHIEF

Halocraft v0.6.3 for Minecraft 1.6.4. [Now Completely Multiplayer Compatible!] This mod adds the Halo Guns/Grenades (some of them), the Mongoose, Mobs, another Dimension, and many Items and Blocks. Read the ReadMe for Microsoft's Game Content Usage Rules.

smallicesword by fox


Colorful Armor Lite by Torquebolt

Stand out from the crowd

Redstone Wires by the_real_farfetchd

Better than redstone and it sticks to walls and stuff! No more awkward magical floating wires. Unless you want them.

BedFix by Alexander01998

Allows you to sleep in beds whenever you want.

a bunch of random stuff mod by Me

this mod adds a bunch of random stuff :)

HorseInfo by rumickon

Show horses stats (health, jump strength, speed and owner nickname).

JustEnoughIDs Integration by BobbyTables

Enhances compatibility between JustEnoughIDs and other mods.

Wandz by NbaNga, ButterCheetah266

Have fun with the wands.