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TuxWeapons by TuxCraft

A weapon and enchantments mod that adds many new awesome weapons for every type of minecrafter to use and enjoy.

Mapwriter Entity Radar by Vectron

Entity Radar for the mapwriter mod.

Graber by ExampleDude



A simple and easy to use custom prefix manager

Forge Hack by ExampleDude

It's a hacked client, loaded by Forge.

Configurable Health by kandivia

Adjust Player and Mob Health Via Config File


My first mod:D


This is an example mod

Compressions by

Adds the ability to have compressed blocks of anything

Fragile Glass by FredTargaryen

Thank you for using Fragile Glass! This mod adds a new type of glass - made from sugar water - which shatters on impact!

Plan by Rsl1122

Player Analytics Plugin by Rsl1122

Empty Hand

Free up your hands with the press of a key!

Traveler Mod by JX

Gets you everywhere.


movie Oblivion all rights go to their Perspective owners Warner bro's

Unwritten Blocks by UnwrittenFun

A collection of blocks made by unwrittenfun

Ascension by TheXFactor117 and wildbill22

The ultimate adventure journey experience awaits. Are you up for the challenge?



Vampire Money: Custom Mod by Lumaceon, Strikingwolf, trajing

A mod custom made for Vampire Money, that does things like add potion effects

SimpleChat by TrenTech

Chat management plugin

Immibis Core

Required for some other mods to load.


This mod adds a computer core block and a way to commpress coal into diamonds.

Seed Protect by VsnGamer

Protects farmland from beeing trampled

meinmod by Philipp

Philipps erste Minecraft Mod (für Forge)


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

RPG Loot

Adds RPG-like looting to minecraft.

Variety Chests by SanAndreasP

A mod which adds new chests into Minecraft, which are purely asthetic.

Starting Inventory by __Sirloin__

Players receive a custom inventory when joining the game for the first time. Use the /setStartingInventory command to use your inventory as the template.

SEKWAH41's Naruto Mod by SEKWAH41, Orkz

A mod that adds new items and other features to the game that are from/based on the Naturo manga.