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Werther's OriginalMOD by CatastropheNagaoka

You can make Werther's Original.

MorePathMod by defeatedcrow

Binocular by Apa

Adding a useful binocular to make your life easier...

Tryhard Mod by OxLemonxO

Check tryhards


It's simple Sossorium !

ThreatChecker by despawningbone

Display a player's power in various forms

Fake Blocks Remade and Remastered by Just Does Games - Solo Developer, MCreator

Fake Blocks Created By Just Does Games - Solo Developer. Fake Blocks include most of the blocks from 1.12.2 and previous versions from grass blocks to all three ice blocks. Fake Blocks allows you to place normal looking blocks into your minecraft world, except for the fact that you can fall right through them, Thats right! Fake Blocks are like ghost blocks, but easier to make and here to stick around! So go troll your friends by creating traps, create artistic designs that allow your friends to walk through, or even create secret bases for you and your friends to hide all your diamonds.

Mod Amethyst Ore by Darber7005, MCreator

Amethyst Ore Mod

Physical Traits by CrowsOfWar

Physical Traits is a mod which adds strength, endurance, and much more about players' athletic condition. This can be used for role-play, fun, map-making, or anything else! Keep in mind this is still in the heavier parts of development, so there might be a few bugs.

Auto Crafter by TheIncgi

Automatic crafting without recipe conflict issues


SAM, is a mod that takes multiple weaker easy to crate armor and weapons

oheoh's Ores by oheoh

This mod adds some ores, ingots, tools, etc.


made by 十粒普拿疼


Adds bacon to minecraft

MobAura by Thebombzen

This mod creates an aura around you which either attacks or interacts with nearby entities, depending on your settings.

OdogMod by Odog_Plays_MC, MCreator

A mod about dogs, cool!


This is an example mod

Hard2Mine by Async

A minecraft forge mod that makes it just that harder to mine



Building Tools by Silver_David

Introduces a few tools to make building easier.

ShaftedProductions by Randy_tnt, MCreator

DexUtils by Furt

A utility mod for Dextopia modpacks

VapeFake by Skazzy

VapeFake ...

Dragon Ball Ultimate by MoMoTank

A DBC Mod Addon

Ruby Mod by legoman519 AKA 0CaptainMinecraft0

Adds in a Ruby block, ore, armor, and tools

Liquid Blocks by Mrbysco

Need to fill spots fast?


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