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Adds a variety of different donuts into the game.

Bic Biome Craft by PoisenFox

This Mod adds a bunch of biomes and tools

Colored Water Mod by KevinGames17, MCreator

Hello! With this great mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 you can dye water with the 16 colors that exist. You can also create your own patterns with the colors that you like the most.


TMKnight's Mod!


The FeAu Mod fuses iron and gold!

redstonepumpkin by Cyberscript, MCreator

Togglable Iron Golems

Damage Indicators by rich1051414

Displays the damage you inflict on creatures, as well as current health, name and potion effects.


Exploding Mobs by CodeShaper

A perfect addon for any hack-n-slash map or surivial map, mobs just blow up! BOOM!

Quantum Anomalies by SourceCoded

Rope Ladder by Draylar

Adds a rope ladder to the game which can hang and be placed from a top ladder.

diamondsherobrineandstuff by TheSchoeMiner1, MCreator

Diamonds, herobrine and stuff


This mod adds a new cow into the game that looks like SkyDoesMinecraft

Realistic Armor Tiers by Mentits, PocketStealer

Makes low-tier armor more interesting and high-tier armor less op.


Die ist die echte TopiaMod

mod_Harvester by endergenetics, MCreator

harvest to your dreams



AwesomePonyLovesPoop by tacticalbacon987, MCreator

Adds a very fun and delisous in the brewing section of the creative inventory


This mod will be add ore cow

Ice Stone by Nicky, MCreator

Enter short description here


This is an example mod


Dieser Mod beinhaltet die Uniformen vom German-RolePlayMC Server

Tinkering With Embers by terrapin47

A Tcon and Conarm integration for Embers Rekindled

Endthereal by SnappyDragon64

This mod expands upon The End.

Bed Bugs by gr8pefish

Adds a button and command to leave the bed/server when stuck!

Particle_Mod by Ayako

Made by Ayako and SpideFrog | Updated by spiderfrog and Ayako (For Kawaiy)

Advanced Unknowns by Fibonacci

Advanced Unknowns??

Hypixel Autocomplete by 2Pi

Makes hypixel commands easier to use by having autocomplete usernames and more

The Matter

The Matter for the chunk eater's

MagicDucky7 by MagicClucky7, MCreator

a mob

bamboo_armour by vadis365

Makes Armour from blocks registered in the Ore Dictionary as plankBamboo

Better Questing by Funwayguy

A new and improved questing mod for Minecraft pack creators

Electrical Engineering by TheUltimateHose

I recommend having something like Thermal Foundation installed because you will need a RF-source, copper ingots and tin nuggets.