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Ruby-Craft_Mod by JamesDisco13

Adds Rubys to the game, Only to be used in the Ruby-Pack.

Mob Hives Mob by §8Shadow_Mods

Fight against naturally spawning Hives of mobs!

FluidTank by Kotori316

Add large fluid tanks.


DivineRPG adds a great deal of content and challenge. If you're looking for Minecraft on steroids, you've come to the right place!

worldgen mobs survival dimensions dungeons

Improvable Skills by APengu, EndieDargon

Boost player's abilities using single book and your XP

Beat Down Stick by Tamaized

Adds a Stick called the Beat Down Stick to annihilate your foes, including Creative Mode Players

ClawBrine Mod by Austin Cepalia

Adds a wolf-like mob to the game as a spin-off of Herobrine. Inclues a sword, ingot, and decorative claws.

Fallout Mod by ItsMMini

Fallout mod. Welcome to the Wasteland

A Bit of Capes by Kriogenic, Jadar

A mod which adds capes specifically for A Bit of Everything mod pack

Engination by Falkreon

FANCY creative blocks for the Discerning Lazor Enthusiast

Tunnel Survival by Woohoojin, Kiplacon, magykfawks

Tunnel Survival Mod

Rich Undergrounds by Hayazo, MCreator

Weapons, Armors, Tools. Great Ores. Mineheaven.

Corail Recycleur by Corail

Add a new recycling table with json recipes.

Uncrafting Table by jglrxavpok

Did you ever want to uncraft an item (like your 5 hoes made by error) ? Now, you can do it against 5 levels of XP!

Block Maker by Deltric

Simple block adding mod

Next Page by pekorin


Golden Apple Leaf by Zr2

Make leaves great again


Adds Military Stuff

TbscFPS by Tbsc

Simple FPS Counter! Configurable


This Mod Adds Food and More

Random Magical Stuff by bearbear2k

A mod that adds cool magical items


Enter short description here

Suspended Server by Blargerist, superckl

Suspends the server while no players are online.


RealRobots adds interfaces to different computer and robotic systems in real life. LEGO® Mindstorms and WeDo are registered trademarks of the LEGO® Group which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse my work.

Ender Mod by CJ Burkey

Implements some ender stuff

Playtime Logger by Tschipp

Keeps track of the time you spent on a world/server


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

KewaiiLib by KewaiiGamer

A library mod for most KewaiiGamer's mods.

mod_MCU by Funny_DJF01, MCreator

Amethyst stuff for now

Deadly Feesh by Lyeoj

Cute, cuddly, and 100% deadly


The new rare orange diamond can be found in the world, you can make blocks and pickaxes from the gem, but the blocks can then be used to craft the almightly Orange Sword