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Dr. Dialgas Interesting Ites Mods Has The Most Interesting And Unexplainable Items Ever!

DjsCore by Dj

Example placeholder mod.

Cogs of the machine by Deatrathias

Adds new machines and tools powered by mechanical energy

ContainerFix by Ferne

Amnesia Lights Mod by FLUFFY2

Adds most of the light sources form the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent/A Machines For Pigs and a bit more.

Canvas Bag Mod by SkaldAsh

SkaldAsh's miniMod series


powerd by redstone



Indicatia by SteveKunG

Simple in-game info and utility!

Beer Mod by Ketlark77

Add alcool and more in Minecraft

mod_Satyrs by TunaDaFish, MCreator

Basic Currency

ToMeTinkers by ToMe25

ToMe25's Tinkers Construct Addon.

WoodStuff by ganymedes01

Adds a lot of wood stuff!

Really Disturbing Tank Engines Mod by CHAMCHI

Thomas The Train and his friends. Implements the disturbing side of thomas and his friends.

SpaceRace by baconnator_

Adventure to space building and crafting on your way to create your custom spaceship.

Luxxy Armor by SirLuxxy

Exclusive for DBCBlasting server.

DanmakuCore by Katrix

A mod that adds the underlying structures of danmaku stuff. Won't do much on it's own.


This is a mod for those elements!


A way to get jungle wood very early on when mining at night.

Wiki HUD by Qxzos

Wiki HUD

Controlled Burn by Laike_Endaril

Fast fire, slow fire, much fire, no fire! Control fire spread speeds and conditions!


used for move coord position of the map.

Chroma Pixel by KevyPorter

Best Mod.

Inventory Save by Lemons

Simply Coffee by VicoLee2000, MCreator

Adds Coffee to Minecraft!

StellarCraft by Abastro

Constellations & Planets in Minecraft! You can see Real Sky with this mod.

Longbow by c4an7

Simple additional bows

Sound Events by ParkerMc

Used to play custom sounds at events

Economy Plus by Suatae

Coins for your world


EZBlocks adds more blocks to Minecraft!