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Craft And Enchant by Maties7

This mod overrides the output of the enchanting table. instead of getting efficiency, power, fire aspect, etc. you get a new enchant called 'slot'. This enchantment doesn't have any powers, but if you use scrolls and the magic table you can changer slot to whatever enchantment you want. You can also extract dust from enchanted items. Dust allows you to repair enchanted items of the same material without losing enchants

Glow by Duke605

Adds in new ways to light up your world and make your life just a little brighter. Part of the Micro Series.

Tools And Weapons Plus 2

This mod adds a new ore and some new tools and weapons.

EsdeathMod by cxn

CWBW Szene 2019 extravagant


The White Block Mob Mod

OpenGX by ds84182

Ender Prospecting by Blir, Talkarcabbage

Craft Eyes of Prospecting and use them to track ores!


More Charcoal by al132

Adds a few new charcoal based items and blocks

Impart by The_Icy_One

Impart your will upon the world.

Tameable Creepers

Tame creepers with gunpowder.

ymer by lona



This is an example mod

Netakiri Bed

Special bed for those who hate nights


allows it to be night forever before you had to right click with it in your hand now auto


The updated version of Elemental Gems, featuring more stuff to mess around with.

mod_ConcreteStone by xXjackathyxX, MCreator

Adds concrete to Minecraft


In this mod you are able to make emerald, ruby, sapphire, lapis, obsidian and quartz tools, weapons, armour and battle axes.

Subterranean Switcheroo by ArloTheEpic, MCreator

Switches up the underground, making it a little more interesting. Version numbers are a social construct.

Creeperade by elias54

A mod that will allow you to use Creepers as ammo to your grenade launcher !


This is an example mod

Easycraft ShulkerBox by Katey, MCreator

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Carpenter's Axe by Ruuubi

Adds another set of axes which turn logs into planks automatically and more efficiently.

Biplanes Mod by Stephen_789, timawesomeness

A mod that adds multi-block biplanes to minecraft

Just Enough Items by mezz

Simple recipe and item helper.

AirMattress by Echo343

Sleeping on an air mattress will not set your spawn point.

Useful Ores by SIlvio20002013

This mod adds a bunch of ores and a few alloys, its also adds some machines for processing your ores. Jesus love you!


Make tools out of dirt!

§eEnderCrack by §bMCE626§f

This mod was inspired from the crazy Endermen of the snapshots of 1.8


Segunda generacion del Motwi Mod