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Binnie Fence Recipes by marcin212

recipes for fences

Alch Mod by Gotoss

A mod which simply adds Admin Tool in Minecraft.

Tesla Core Lib by Face_of_Cat

just another electric machines lib

Stredge Universe:The end of all things. Endless stars by

Stredge Universe:The end of all things. Endless stars.

Blocks of 1.14 by junjuntv, MCreator

Fishaxe by SilverBranch

Fishaxe best Axe

Griptzions Additions by Griptzion


RedLogic by immibis

Replacement for RP2 Wiring, Logic and Control

Hermitcraft Core by R3alCl0ud, Wagyourtail

Core game modifications for Hermitcraft Explorers modpack.

Snappy by Nibato

Snaps camera angle to the nearest ninety degree angle

Cave Finder Mod by tomcookie007

Adds a new block, the Cave Finder! Allowing you to see caves through the ground!

Advanced Macros by TheIncgi

Macros powered by Lua! Special thanks to: Meteor6666, Emex

Structure Generation API Demo Mod by coolAlias

A mod demonstrating the capabilities of coolAlias' Structure Generation API.


Cheetah block that is normal -_-

IndustrialAge by Ikol43,Cyber_Shoot,GromoZeka, CF Company

IndustrialAge Описание: Можно использовать как с ic2 так и без него. Добавляет свои механизмы,,3 блоки, руды, предметы и т.д. Делает более хардкорным выживание в мире майнкрафт. В будущем будет добавлена своя энергия. Развитие идет очень быстро. Мод обновляется постоянно! Пишите что бы вы хотели увидеть в моем моде!

Sub Count Mod by canelex

Displays a live sub count on your screen.

Tools'N'Weapons by Celtrius

The official Tools'n'Weapons Mod made by Celtrius (PhillessyHD on Curse Forge)! You found a bug? Celtrius#3549 on Discord! This mod adds many cool new tools to your game also some block you maybe always wanted!

Lilliputian by mangoose, Alexthe666

A revival of the old Gulliver mod

Vanilla Utilities Mod by LordDusk

Several little additions to make Minecraft life a little easier.


This is an example mod


This mod adds milanesas! milanesas are a food from south america made out of breaded meat

Vanilla Tech by APengu

Adds different handy items and blocks

LogitechGLights by XFactHD

This mod integrates the Logitech LED SDK into Minecraft.

Zombie Steak by Jagm

Adds some early game food items, and more things to do with all your useless rotten flesh.

Fantasy Kaleidoscope by BJun

Fantasy Kaleidoscope

Thut's Bling by Thutmose

Fancy Jewelry for Thut Wearables

Vanilla Ingot Works by reteo

Ore doubling and alloying using the vanilla furnace. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader


Simple Tools, Simple Items, Adv.Power System.

Wet by Marco, MCreator