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123twixmath by TwIxToR TiTaN

A Mod that does math!

N.S.F. by marioateru, MCreator

Aprovecha la estrella del infierno!!!

Alchemy++ by MokonaModoki, jakimfett

Extending Minecraft with new brewing methods, Alchemical ingridients and more!

Mossy Planks by AfoninZ

Adding some green to the planks family since 2017.

mod_BurritoMod by Javimania111, MCreator

¡Burritos para todos!

Dark Tools by Darkosto

It adds tools!

Apiary and Honey by queekusme

Realistic Beekeeping and Honey Production.

Darko Hates Bounces by Shadows_of_Fire

Stops the thaumometer bobbing.

Project Fruit by TwistedCarny

Adding fruit to Minecraft!

Death Water by Senseidragon

Very Simple: Water (rain or blocks) damages players. Inspiration from Bukkit plugins like ToxicWater and Spacechase0's Toxic Rain Mod.

Zelda Sword Skills Addon by willer111

This is a ZeldaSwordSkills Addon, which adds some items ZSS didn't.


Super Actualizacion


HorseInfoReloaded is inspired by HorseInfo(by TTTA2)

Don't Pick Up by superckl

Adds only one item, the Excludifier!


This Mod Is A Very Helpful Mod

Creatures Love Beacons by C4

Allows beacons to affect more than just players!

Bedwars Item Generator by Kreezxil

Generate items into your world with blocks like in Bedwars!

Steve's Machine Overhaul by SteveBeeblebrox, RedstoneTim, and Maideniles

More machines, armor, tools, and items that fit with the vanilla theme along with optional vanilla tweaks

Baconators by Baijson

Bacon - ON A STICK!!!

Obsidian Ores by ArloTheEpic, MCreator

Adds Obsidan Ore


This is an example mod


This plugin enables server admins to give players rewards for voting for their server.

Boxes by Matchlighter


Create By JacketCh

Greg's Construct by TheEmosewaPixel

An addon for GregTech Community Edition and Tinkers' Construct, adding integration between the 2 mods

MCHeli Parts by Flenix

Lots of parts used in modified MCHeli recipes.


This is an example mod

Coins by EliTheGamerFTW

Adds a coin item. Obtainable in creative mode only.

Player Progression by 115kino

A mod in which tools, weapons and armor are upgradeable.


Mod dodaje Polskie jedzenie.

Corruption by Brett Bender

A mod I created for a modpack.


Beinhaltet Items für LandOfRails

nether basics by DominusZork

a mod making nether survival possible

Surplus Tools by vBaZaaR

Because there aren't enough tools already!.