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Linkseyi's ModMaker

Pot Alert by t0rrent

InvKeeper Mod

I'm keeping your inventory in a little box after you die.


Smelt wheat into Bread

SanAndreasPs Manager Pack CORE edition by SanAndreasP

A helper coremod which is needed for all my mods.

CH Tweaks by Hanse00

A tweak mod adding specific things for the CreeperHost community server.

Dragon Core by Dragon9815

This Mod is a Core Mod for my Mods.

Anni Kill Effect by SiroQ

Anni Kill Effect Mod (Private) by SiroQ


This adds a SUPER Pickaxe to Minecraft, it requires Forge.

Colored Flames by WolfAmaril

A purely decorative mod adding colored fire to miecraft


Made by pozo.To get the higher version,join the QQ group:335819374!:-)

CraftingCraft by BlayTheNinth

Adds a bunch of Crafting Tables, including two portable ones. Companion mod to Crafting Tweaks.

Sky Grid by Funwayguy, Darkosto

A highly configurable sky grid mod for modded Minecraft

Mob Farm by Shadows_of_Fire


buildingcraft by El chapis

Es un mod que a´┐Żadira columnas de distintos elementos, losas faltantes de los bloques de minecraft y una mesa que te dra todos los items que ocupes sin nesesidad de minar (no usaras mas el modo creativo para construir)

Survival Command Blocks by Lothrazar

Craftable command blocks that are restricted out of editing in all gamemodes.

MineReset by JamieS1211

Resets mines

mod_FriendlyAndHostileRA by rahr480, MCreator

A mod which adds in your minecraft world friendly and hostile mobs from vanilla minecraft. It also adds random additions

Ender Farm by duckziller

I created this mod to be able to make mob drops as i can never find certian mobs.

Botania Needs These Things! by Workbench61

Mod adds things that in my opinion that Botania needs

Endercows Mod by MineHe

Endercows 2.0!!

Pathways by OreCruncher

Player translocation services via Forge mod

Tartaros by Pyrofab, CobraDarkPoney

A mod aimed at making death more interesting

Tools Done Right by NukeDuck

Adds new tools and items to the game, including gems, obsidian and end tools.


Tykintor's Advanced Warfare Mod

Anti-Toxicity by Reflxction

A mod which closes the chat box when any swear is entered, in order to reduce toxicity.