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Aether Legacy Addon by Raptor__

An addon for the Aether Legacy mod which adds Skyroot crafting tables, doors, trapdoors, chests, ladders, and more.


Non-OP recipe for torcherino

CloningMachine by Danny, MCreator


This is an example mod

berzik by stakanchik


Arcane Arteries by jordsta95

A Thaumic upgrade for Blood Magic

Overworld Mirror by HyCraftHD

This mod just mirrors the overworld and let you travel with a portal between them

Flagged by GenDeathrow

Flags, Flags, Flags!!!!



Industrialization by dmillerw

[description pending]

Vanilla Anvil Repair by eksekk

Vanilla anvil repair support for custom items

FoxThings by Zorn_Taov


Enderman Evolution by TheRealp455w0rd

Adds Frienderman and Evolved Enderman

Vocaloid Mod by WORMSTweaker

Add your favorite Virtual Singer in your favorite blocky world! (Be careful, §bMiku§r has leeks) §rThe musics do not belong to me, and are not my creation. They may be Copyrighted to Yamaha Corp.

Gobble Core by Turkey2349

Core mod for Turkey's projects and has other various stuff in it

CST Mo' Pickaxes

When you have nothing to craft with a pickaxe. No Problem! Now you can craft it with 49 more materials! :D


This is an example mod


This mod changes your minecraft version!

ImmersiveFood by hedgehogpie12

A mod that adds some food that doesn't seem out of place

JJ Weapon Config by JdiJack

This mod adds the possibility to configure at will the attack and speed values of each weapon / item. Compatible with the vanilla and with all the mods that add weapons.

CombatCooldown-- by p455w0rd aka TheRealp455w0rd

Removes the cooldown from melee attacks



BlazePower X by appelgebakje22, sandvich2302, BlazePower Team

Add Über-Powered Stuff to the game!!

ItemChat by pie_flavor

Geared by ZackapooMC

SimpleDifficulty by Charles445

Mod that adds temperature and thirst mechanics based on Tough As Nails


Combines two previous mods i have made, Dark Diamond and Witheworld.

Clear Entitys by uno

Auto clear entitys Tools (SSP/SMP)

Tools For Everything by ostpol

Adds Tools for many Materials in Minecraft.

No Night Vision Flashing by Team CoFH

Hate Night Vision flashing when it has less than 10 seconds remaining? We do too, so this mod removes it - no more flashing!

Console locker by Xakep_SDK

Locks console with specific password

cookable rotten meat by Kyoukster, MCreator

Why this mod need description?

Extra Recipes by J3FF97

Adding the missing recipes to vanilla!

Alchemy Rocks by Lionel775

Adds 20 new rocks, 3 new sets of tools and armor and 14 decoration blocks !

20 20 20 by Sk1er LLC

Reminds the user to take short breaks to help elevate eye strain