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checkclient by hhd

RE: ZERO - Starting Life in Another World

SimpleCraft by McKiller5252

This Mod Adds Recipes That Arent already ingame

Flenix's Skills by Flenix

Additional skills for RPGCore.


This is an example mod

RandomPatches by TheRandomLabs

A bunch of miscellaneous patches for Minecraft.

Discount Superheroes by FiskFille

Turns out all the heavy-hitters were way too expensive. Due to severe, extensive and debilitating budget cuts, this was the best we could do.

Extended Drinks by NewKid96

Booze till you drop.


This is an example mod

mod_Hodgepodge by , MCreator

DeathNote Mod by Entonez

This Is The First Ever Deathnote Mod!

More XFood by MelanX

This is my first mod. It's for learning how to build a mod but it's a christmas present for my girlfriend, too. It adds her favourite food and a few ingredients for this.

HermitQuest by Xisuma, Iskall85, Welsknight, Scalda, Winter_Grave

A mod for the Hermits

KillerHUD by Mixac1


This mod lets you create jewelry that applies a buff/debuff to the wearer

Wizards of Lua by Michael Karneim, Adrian Uffmann

The Art of Spell Crafting

Better Records

Adds records that can play songs via URLs.

WR-CBE RedPower by ChickenBones

Transmitter, Receiver and Jammer blocks. Integrated with RedPower Logic for covers and wall placement

SpawningManager by Vidroyanmma, jidori, nunu

You can add or remove spawning of vanilla and MOD creatures. This mod requires Java 7 or newer.

ArmorMovementMod by JSut210

This mod adds some advanced armors like parachute boots and helmets



This is a mod that adds many items from a 3ds eshop title.


Saint Seiya Mod!!!

Thaumic Expansion by The Temportalist

Put Desc Here

Soul Shards 3 by MBretzel

Original Soul Shards remake.

World Changers by TuxCraft, tommy1019

Do you like adventuring in Minecraft? You will now. World Changers adds awesome huge structures to your game like volcanos or craters.

DrZhark's Mo'Creatures Mod by DrZhark, BloodShot, BlockDaddy

This mod adds many more creatures to Minecraft

MoreGen by Goldorion, MCreator

MoreGen add more biomes, new plants, and new mobs.


Zonbe Skull make Daiamond

Solar Expansion 2 by Shad0wB1ade

A way to generate RF from the sun

FoodStuffz++ by averysumner

Well, it adds more foods that you can eat, because minecraft doesn't have enough food.


Bringing the Steam Revolution to Minecraft



XP-Stacker by MineWIZ


And another Alpha before release XD