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§9§lEin CWBW Mod für den Clan ZZShifters!

Simply Tea by Elucent

Simply Tea!

Music by gdenga

music mod

Potatorium Mod by _chuchu_, MCreator

Enter in a wonderful world full of potatoes !

Tamable Bears by dynaomi

Makes polar bears tamable and ridable

SBM Dual Wither

Spawns additional wither bosses for any vanilla spawned boss

Badge by pie_flavor

Puts prefixes on peoples' heads.

HologramsPlus by happyzleaf

Adds support for PlaceholderAPI to RandomByte's holograms.

Bork IRC by MattDaJoo, MageProto, MintyGoddess, MrXeon20

An IRC mod that does just that, and nothing more.

Cyancraft by Cyan_, JJ, Widdle, Xander_Kann, Presto575, and Potato_4

Linking the future to the past!

Hunger In Peace by squeek

Hunger and normal health regen in peaceful.


This is an example mod


Add basalt for rp2

GL Handler by Jiraiyah, Lumien, Judos

A core mod to handle open GL works, from drawing curves on gui, to what ever the group can patch together to help other mod developers that have no knowledge of open gl can use them.

MystTech by TechDweebGaming

TechDweebGaming's first attempt at a FML mod!

Glasscraft by Blubbeltasche

Only Glass

ToolsCombine by S4lad

Combine Tools...

Translocation Mod by ExampleDude

Adds blocks that act like pistons did before 1.11

Extended Fuels by Haighyorkie, BStramke

Implements new Fuels


La Actualización de laOrden

StalCraft2 - Weapons by stal111

Coming Soon

Ruins Spawning System by AtomicStryker, d00dv4d3r, kolt666, 4HeadTiger, Blue001

Allows highly customizable Structure Templates to randomly generate in your Worlds

worldgen dungeons


Nintendo Switch Mod for 1.7.10

Mc Potato Mod

Delicious looking Potato!!

TeabagFood by mrepic, MCreator


Mill�naire Extended: Inuits by LaikaIwanowa

An addon for Mill�naire which enhances the base experience by adding more additional content for the Inuits.


Lock up everythin'


One Piece mod


In this mode, let me add the king of the three legendary

Just Enough Forestry Bees by MrDimkas_Studio

View bee breeding and production, tree breeding and production

Harshen Universe by kenijey, Wyn Price

Rituals&souls&blood, big structures with powerful bosses&mobs&traps, armors&tools&accessories, new dimensions and more

Laser Level by Lunatrius

In game ruler block. Awesome!