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Doctor Who Lucky-Addon Mod by CrossofLight

An Addition to the Doctor Who Lucky Block Mod for custom Drops


Adicione + Pocoens ao seu minecraft

Super Ender Pearls

Ender pearl storage medium.



ruspropeller by MrOlegTitov, MCreator

Custom Ore Generation by JRoush, noogenesis

Allows the player to customize how ore is generated.

Furnace Overhaul by TheCazadorSniper

Better furnaces that can be upgraded (Upgrades still WIP).

Survival Industry: Flint Chisel by jeffpeng

Adds a chisel to the game that is made of flintstone.


This is an example mod

First Aid by TechnikforLife, ichttt

First Aid is a mod that expands the vanilla health system to respect the different parts of your body

MoreNotches by Wasliebob

MoreNotches adds a lot of different Notches!

SuperCore by SuperScary (ERBF)

Core mod for SuperScary's mods.

Pacas00's Random Mod of Stuff!

Who the hell knows...

Enchanting Bottles by BluerTheStone

Allows Bottle 'o Enchanting to be obtained by enchanting glass bottles in an anvil.


This is an example mod


Items to combine recipes with Minetweaker

Additional Fluids by masa

A small derpy mod that adds some fluids.

Player Progression by 115kino

A mod in which tools, weapons and armor are upgradeable.


GoldDream's Money

AE2 EE3 EMC Addon by FireBall1725

Adds EMC to AE2 Items


A Simple Yet Fun Mod That Adds A Some Very Useful Crafting Recipes To Your Minecraft Game.

LootGames by Namikon

Play minigames to obtain loot

Nature's Aura by Ellpeck

Nature's Aura is a mod about collecting, using and replenishing the Aura naturally present in the world to create useful devices and unique mechanics.

Mega Map by Stormwind99

Cartographers rejoice! Mega zoomed out maps - scales of 5 aka 1:32 and greater!

Witchcraft by Sunconure11/Spinosaurus111/NotLegalTender, ArekkuusuJerii, Ingoleth, KingEdward9830, Thermawrench, Felinoel, BigHatMagnus, Hman745, BerciTheBeast, Triliton, mljola9, Witch_Cat, DivineAspect, EyrionOfTime, TrollWorkout, Abused_Master

A Witchery inspired mod

Moar Things by NaturalEvo/Kiryuninja, MCreator

Adds some extra stuff

Steves Inferno Endorium by martinbv95, MCreator

Go to hell and beyon

Enderfragments by Janek

The Enderfragments Mod adds Ender Ores which spawn below layer 40 and drop Ender fragments. It adds two new tiers of tools, the Ender Tools and the Ultimate Ender Tools. Ender Tools are as good as Diamond Tools, but have much less durability. They are crafted using Ender fragments. Ultimate Ender Tools are double as fast as Diamond Tools and deal more damage, but are also really expensive.


This is an example mod