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Eevee by Rift Mods, EliteTech US Division

A mod that adds eevee into your world

Entropy Craft by codycode, codebycody

Makes torches burn out, and things break.

Prefabricated Walls by MaNicXs

Make walls on the crafting table by putting blocks in the corners.

YAPP by Sark

A players-only pressure plate.

Impart by The_Icy_One

Impart your will upon the world.

Cyclic by Lothrazar

Random things that are useful and fun, including powerful items, inventory features, world generation, a few machines, gameplay tweaks, and more. See config to disable absolutely anything. Report issues to

Arma Mania Mod by nicoszpako

Mod pour le serveur ArmaMania par Nicoszpako

MegaCorp by pkmnfrk

Have a lot of items laying around? Want to get into extensive automation for more than automation's sake? Using ProjectE and have more EMC than you know what to do with? Turn your extra items into liquid gold with your very own MegaCorp!


this mod adds a little bit more food in the game : slices of bread,nutella etc.


This is an example mod


Mob DDYuzuki

Eagle Factions by Aquerr

A factions plugin that will make managing your battle-server easier. :)

Dark World by Matthbo

Recreates the overworld in a new dimension, and makes it evil.

Advanced Mob Explosion by BRE

Inhibit destruction by faraway mob's explosion.


This is an example mod

Block Whitelist by LatvianModder

This mod restricts block placement per-dimension

IBE Editor by Franckyi

Edit item's enchants, display name/lore and more !

Actually Mod by RapidEv

Le mod de RapidEv 4 Axalev.


User config-based controls for geographical features, including land sizes, ocean amounts, climate sizes and incidences, biome sizes and incidences, and mountain chains

Someone9999's Computer Craft Addons

Useful tools to use with computers and turtles from Computer Craft.

Landmines by Lorenzo Busellato


Durability Viewer by Giselbaer

Creates a HUD that shows current item durability, arrow count, and inventory slots


Enter short description here


This is Yahllama┬┤s Mod

WaterFogFix by defeatedcrow

customitem by ExampleDude


EssentialBlocks by BrutalSkillz16

Some useful blocks and items for doing all kinds of things in modded minecraft.


Adds a tool which converts cracked earth into dirt.


This is an example mod

Compact Lava Generator by panda_2134

Redefine your lava generators.