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rt by IETlord, MCreator


Convenient Clay by UntouchedWagons

Make crafting stained clay easier!

MineFAMOUS: Second Craft by

MineFAMOUS: Second Craft is a mod based off the game InFAMOUS: Second Son. But do not fear, this mod does NOT require a PS4 to play!

Unique Ores

A mod that adds unique ores, items, and machines

Lucky Cases by Intektor

Open cases an get items


This Mod will add The leather chain armor that removed from the game


More Swords in Minecraft

Ore Pings by Kokolihapihvi

Ore pings to easily locate specific ores Inspired by FortressCraft Evolved

More Flesh by LeyxorCheysen

Do not you think that the ways of applying rotten flesh is somehow not enough? This modification will fix it! With rotten flesh, you will be able to get not only the skin as in the well-known YALSM fashion, but also meat that is good for eating and even call-up eggs!

Frankenstein Mod by Gigan2005 - Head Developer, Tihyo - Co-Developer

Are you bored of vanilla Minecraft? Do you enjoy the classic movie monsters? Well have no fear Frankenstein is here! This mod adds in the classic movie monster we all know and some love. FRANKENSTEIN!


Mod rajoutant des minerais de nourriture !

Augmented Interactions by pau101

Interact with the world differently

SolarCycler by lightningstudios

Standalone mod to allow players to change the time of day.

mod_GPV3Mod by GPV 3 Production


CJBModCheats by otakux


The I'm Recording Mod by heldplayer

Adds icons to the Minecraft GUI that displays if players on a server are recording if they tell their client they are.

SunStroke by TehNut

Brings out your vampiric side.

The Overpowered Fertilizer Block Mod

Adds a Over-Powered Fertiliser Block...

Dragon Craft by meganukebmp; BaracudaATA

Fly colourful dragons and stuff and things.

The Titan by ngt5479

Ruby Mod by legoman519 AKA 0CaptainMinecraft0

Adds in a Ruby block, ore, armor, and tools


The mo that shows the true power of the sea...

SeigneurNecron's Stargate Mod

A mod which adds Naquadah in the word, with which you can build Stargates, teleporters, detectors, mobs generators...

OpenBlocks by boq, Mikee

All the things you never thought you will ever need...

opensource random enchanting

MaintenanceSponge by KennyTV

Enable maintenance mode with a custom maintenance motd and icon.

Restructured by OreCruncher

Modify your world by adding structures

WTFRocks by RCXcrafter

Addon for whiskytangofox's mods for more stone type compatibility

Trebuchet by cout970

Adds trebuchets to minecraft, because why not