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Draconic Additions by FoxMcloud5655

Adds various Draconic Evolution items to help with your mid-game without being OP. Fully configurable.

Christmas Festivity by MarcoPlay00

A Christmas mod for Minecraft.

Sk1er Level Head by Sk1er

Display a player's network level above their head

Gatecraft Mod by XDrake99

La mod ufficiale di Gatecraft! Aggiunge nuovi minerali, blocchi e tools.

Kagic: Scline System by thesilicongamer, MCreator

Planets yay


Mob DDYuzuki

Apathetic Mobs by whizzball1

Mobs never attack you.

Lonely Biome by Zeno410, WhichOnesPink

Minecraft mod that allows you generate single-biome worlds.

Futuristic Decor by cout970

Futuristic Decoration for minecraft

SimpleBroadcast by TrenTech

Broadcasting plugin


Linkseyi's ModMaker


If you can't resist walking to every corner of the world in games for no other purpose than filling your map, then this is the mod for you.


Ender Craft by nickfromgreek

Endermans BEWARE

Magic Cobblestone by Kriogenic, NanoSpriggan

A mod to see how much your willing to mine

sodacraft+ 1.2 special by Jasper, MCreator


ReachDisplay Mod by Fr3ddy

Shows your reach distance on the hud

Swiss Blue Topaz Mod by 3mily, MCreator

Swiss Blue Topaz Stuff! :3


This is an example mod


Enter short description here

KaratGarden by MrAmericanMike

Karat Garden Mod.

Tools For Everything by ostpol

Adds Tools for many Materials in Minecraft.

MsgAll by P0ke

Allows you to message all of your online friends at once

ForgeAnvil by Mitchellbrine, LexManos (Jk, but don' t rage)

A Utilities mod so I don 't reinvent the wheel OVER AND OVER AGAIN!


LotsOMobs, a mod that adds so much more than mobs!