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Atmosphere by InsomniaKitten

I don't even know anymore tbh.

Sun Dial by draganz

A mod to change the sun

mod_EatableMobDrops by , MCreator

Convert mob drops into edible foodstuffs

Thaumic Nexus by KryptonCaptain


Kabore's Discord Application by BetaKabore

Chat with friends like in discord but in minecraft!.

Fuseless TNT by Moddy10/Leo40Crafter

Adds a TNT variant that explodes instantly when activated.

Villager Guardian by yousui115

villager! guardian!

Bloodmoon + Custom Mob Spawner Fix by TheRealp455w0rd

Fixes spawning bugs between Bloodmoon and Custom Mob Spawner

Improved Crops by Hyago Santer

A little mod that change your crops!


A mod designed by Dedux for use in Dedux's Star Wars Modpack and server

Bauble Enhancements by Shelter_Rin

This mod will add utilities for baubles that can help players across their journeys

Booze by rbdyck

Allows you to brew beer and wine, adds grape vines, hops, and heather. Wine and 4 varieties of beer: normal, pre-11th century ale, Irish stout, and Scotish beer (heather ale).

The Riot Mod by dracominer

start a riot!



Un-Natural Essentials by dsa, MCreator


ChatTranslator by Biscut

Translates foreign languages in chat to English.

Mine & Blade: Commander

Adds customisable NPC soldiers to minecraft that can be ordered by the player.

Tool Asisted Speedrun Mod by tr7zw

Enables to play prerecorded frameperfect inputs

Smokefilter 1.12.2 by Peridot / MaincrafterDE, MCreator

get fuel by filtering the air

Wings, Horns, and Hooves, the Ultimate Unicorn Mod! by Joel Sieh

With this mod, you can find and tame the unicorns of legend. If you're lucky, you might even find a magestic pegasus, a fearsome nightmare, or a powerful destrier (it's like a giant warhorse). But then what? - Crossbreed them to make your own breeds! - Equip them with new special armor and weapons! - Attack your foes with your magical horse's powerful abilities! And that's not all - more secrets await those clever enough to find them ... including the Ultimate Unicorn.

mod_FoodsPlus by Matted

No Damage Immunity (NoDamI) by ProfHugo

Take all the damage!

PvPTime by Guichaguri

Lets you choose what in-game hours you want PvP enabled. Perhaps you want to give the players yet another reason to keep indoors during the night?

The Chicken Came First by JamiesWhiteShirt

No, the chicken came first.

FFxiReraiseGhostMobMod by flameFox



Adds Infinity Ore, but it needs external input to recipe the unstable infinity ingot to the infinity ingot

Heaven and Hell by Pazze, supersonic2001, Hamadaz

This is a mod about holy and unholy things.

Pokécube Manchou by Manchou

This mod adds the Pokemobs made by Manchou.


Adds tool to Minecraft!

BlockLimiter. Restict your Blocks by Namikon

Define which Blocks can be placed or not, depending on the dimension


The best mod