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InventoryTweaksAddon by Roke32, MCreator

An Addon to InventoryTweaks

AutoDM by Reflxction

A mod which replies to Hypixel friend requests automatically.

Thaumcraft Research Loader by Frontrider

A helper library to load thaumcraft research in a configurable way.

AngryMobs by TheKomputerKing

Adds hostile versions of non-hostile mobs.

Mob Ores by spellbyte

A Minecraft mod that allows hostile mobs drops to be found in overworld ore generation.

Vending Machines Revamped by Azias

Adds vending machines, soda, coffee and more to your game.

effecthud by Ayou

effecthud MC交流群:431815734

Thaumic History by WerWolv

An addon for Thaumcraft 4.1 about the good old times...

ColorBlocks 2 by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

Literal Ascension by JamiesWhiteShirt

Adds intuitive solutions for vertical mobility

Platinum Mod by EnderStar101

Mod that adds Platinum to Minecraft

Biomial by Trainer Vitro

Flowers and Cacti and Weepers? OH MY!

mod_StartingInventory by DaftPVF, bspkrs

Allows you to define a list of items that will be given to the player when starting new worlds.

PortalGunClassic by iChun

A remake of the first Portal Gun mod released in 2011.

Dyeable Beacons by nxsupert, Core Modding

Make your beacons colourful

cool by albin, MCreator


RE-Sound by TehenoPengin

Following Villagers by Pyre540

Simple mod that cause Villagers to follow players holding emerald blocks.

Armor Effect Mod by intarray, GotoLink



False Fire by traikanossi

An aesthetic mod.

CH Tweaks by Hanse00

A tweak mod adding specific things for the CreeperHost community server.

Joist Mod by kojin15

add a joist corresponding to vanilla wood.

[SBM] Fluid Gun by its_meow

A single block mod adding a fluid gun which allows players to shoot and suck in liquids at a range.

ContentTweaker by Jaredlll08

Allows you to create items, blocks and Tinkers construct materials via ZenScript.


Framework with various functionalities, but no ingame influence.

Dark World by Matthbo

Recreates the overworld in a new dimension, and makes it evil.

Road Blocks by GreenConsole

Adds blocks with a speed boost. Boosts NPCs and players

Simulated Nights by Phylogeny

Simulates the passage of time when sleeping through the night by ticking tile entities and randomly ticking blocks proportional to the amount of time skipped. Also adds a command to simulate (and optionally set/add) time.

Fisk's Superheroes by FiskFille

Adds a variety of Superheroes, primarily from the DCTV shared universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hackery for Minecraft by KJ4IPS

A mod about exploiting bugs from within the game

opensource modjam

Cam's Unique Weaponry by Camellias

A bunch of weapons with unique ways of dealing damage, made by Cam.

Rucksacks by RenEvo

Adds colored ruck sacks and an ender ruck sack.


plus two monster and three boss five item


Very WIP

Modern Lights by Acness

Modern lights for your modern buildings.

Random Stuff by MCDaniel89

The name of the mod says everything!

Larry's Potatoes by Larry/LarrytheModder

A small mod that adds 6 new potato-based recipes to Minecraft to spice up cooking a bit.