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Discord Rich Presence by Alwyn974

This is a Discord Rich Presence for Minecraft

Dbrown55's Vehicle Mod Addon by Dbrown55

Adds vehicles from various movies/TV shows. See CurseForge post for more info.


Added Purpleite Zombie And Spider Retextured Purpleite Diamond Sword

Albedo Torches by Tamaized

Uses Albedo's lighting system for colored torches

King Hogarth's Armor Mod by NB_urton

The First of King Hogarth's mods. This adds some new ores and tiered Tools, Weapons, and Armor.

Ghost's Explosives Mod by GhostGaming_HD

Adds various different & new TNTs to Minecraft!

Nether Tweaks by Barely_Alive

Tweaks for surviving in the nether or anywhere else


2 nuove spade per gli staffer

Real Time Clock by Xilef11

Adds a clock with the System Time to the HUD


De belles utilitées au fer !

jerembla P1 airport pack

Add vehicle for airport !

OP Diamond Items by WetNoodle

This mod, just like the title suggests, adds OP items to the game. These items include armor, tools and weapons.


First test mod (mham sandwhich)

The Herobrine Mod

Well not much to say, check out my Android Herobrine Games!

The Gauss Gun Mod by TheUltimateHose

A mod that adds a Gauss gun to your Minecraft. I recommend having something like Thermal Foundation installed because you will need a RF-source, copper ingots and tin nuggets


Adds the Sugi tree, and related blocks.

Charlotte's Utilities by oOSharsharOo

Misc utilities made for my own private server

Resizing Potion by Camellias_

It adds 2 potions to resize the player.


A mod with some extra materials for late game!

TF2 TeamAddon by pitman-87

TF2 TeamAddon for Teleporter, Sentry and Dispenser... yay!


This is an prototype mod


This is an example mod



SuperSlopes - IntCorners by MetaDark, Kaevator, Malivil

SuperSlopes is a mod that adds multiple new building blocks into the game so players can create more complex structures. Interior Corners is a subcategory under SuperSlopes which adds multiple new interior corner blocks.


A mod for more dirt

Auto Lab by Kbz

The Auto Lab mod for Hypixel

Misc MFR circuits by vitzli

misc ICs

More Custom Ores and Other Stuff by guekho64

Just add more fun to your Minecraft World!

LexCore by TheKomputerKing, LexLV

Util mod for the Lextube FTB modpack.