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Tree Cutter


Maquinaria para Minecraft

ATLCraft Candles Mod by ยง5AllTheLayers

Candles and related items.

mod_stevescarts by Vswe

Steve's Carts is a mod improving your minecart experience by adding 25 new carts as well as some other cart related items. New in version 1.5.0 Models and animations for all carts Recipes and items changed Various tweaks and bug fixes

Middle-Earth Extras by Sangarin

Extra content for Middle-Earth

Fish's Undead Rising by fish0016054

Fill your world with all kinds of mobs, undead-related or not.

ExplorerCraft by Zeno410

ExplorerCraft allows aligning maps for display and copying overlapping sections between maps.

Alpaca Evolution by FiskFille

A mod that makes you and all other players alpacas.

PFLMGrayOutFix by Ferne


Enter short description here

Evil Potions by EleC0TroN

Why not use the potion on the mob?

GrasslessDirtBackport by Joseph C. Sible

Backports most of 1.8's coarse dirt functionality to grassless dirt

Booze by rbdyck

Allows you to brew beer and wine, adds grape vines, hops, and heather. Wine and 4 varieties of beer: normal, pre-11th century ale, Irish stout, and Scotish beer (heather ale).

Testium Mod by Ellivers, MCreator

Yay! New update!

Rainbow Tools by DanilkaD, MCreator

Adds new ore! Explore the world! Forget about diamonds!

OrionMods by Julien, MCreator

Mod Stats by Let's Dev Together Team

Mod Stats is a mod which allows you to gather usage statics about the mod used on a server

Applied Fluidics by Thiakil

Fluid handling for AE2

Endergizer by Shadowfacts

Wireless Tesla batteries!

TeleSleep by shadowfacts

A simple utility for modpack makers that teleports the player to coordinates in a certain dimension when the sleep in a bed.

Dynamic Trees by Ferreus Veritas

Trees that grow.. forests that spread



Quick Hotbar by Kulttuuri

While in game hold ctrl and and use mousewheel to browse through your inventory rows.

InGameInfoXML Baubles Integration by smbarbour

Adds tags for Baubles data

MengFurniture1 by llk, important__

StalCraft2 by stal111

Coming Soon

ExeCraft 1.0.1 by XPandaPalX, MCreator

Enter short description here

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod: Community Edition by MrCrayfish

A community based mod where models are designed by the community.


Take huge redstone contraptions and squeeze them into a tiny logic gate

Dark Souls: Orange Soapstone by Honya

Implementing the Orange Soapstone item from the Dark Souls series.

mod_TreeCapitator by DaftPVF, bspkrs, Lunatrius

Allows you to chop down entire trees by breaking a single log.


This is an example mod