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Equivalence by Gigabit101

Add Basic Recipes to the PhiloStone from EE3

Hypixel Stats by MineMalox

Shows stats of Hypixel Minigames.

SpACore by heldplayer, mbl111

SuperGirlyGamer's World Mod by Mr.Chibi (Alvi32), MCreator

SuperGirlyGamer's World Mod is a dimensional mod.

akkamaddi's Core API by akkamaddi, Sinhika

Required library of common functions for akkamaddi's Additions

GbLib by gigabit101

Plans API by gottsch

API to enable drafting and building of Plans structures.


This help stone

Nerd Alert by Reflxction

A mod which I have literally no idea why I made it.

BOHA by Guichaguri

Blocks connections from hacked accounts

Nowy_Minecraft by U´┐Żytkownik, MCreator

Enter short description here

Forge Your World Armory by AlaDiablo, rom279, sebpap974

Welcome to the battlefield.

Furnace Tool 3 by KN-765, Julius Ether

Furnace Revolution!! - Inexpensive, durable, and efficient!!

Handheld Piston Mod by Stewiecraft, GotoLink

Move or power blocks from afar

ChestFinder by thehen101

A simple chestfinder for forge. GREEN = NORMAL CHEST, RED = TRAPPED CHEST and BLUE = ENDER CHEST


Miscelanea para Minecraft

Lottery by RandomByte

Fauna and Ecology by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.


Adds shipwrecks to ocean and beach world generation. New in this version, Piranhas, Diving Suits, and the Waverunner shipwreck!


This is an example mod

OresCreepers-1.12.2 by Kirzey, MCreator

Creepers now drop ores !

Light Control by Tmtravlr

Change the light level of lava.

Better Oofing by Otis_Goodman

A client-side mod about on one word OOF!


A simple plugin for increasing player ranks based on time

Wrelf's Quick Chat by Wrelf

Remade Chat Triggers' EQC module

Feldins Homestead Mod by

Adding a touch of early-game flavor, some tools, and Cake-in-a-bottle!


This is an example mod