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Incognito by LX_Gaming

Hide your mods with a mod! Patreon - Source -


This mod adds food and drinks to the game!


This is an example mod

BloodMagicHacks by CatDany

Hacky addon for BloodMagic: Alchemical Wizardry


Adds 9 Icons From The Wii U Menu!

Die Dye by IrresoluteArkia

Adds flowers that you crumple up to make Die Dye, which you throw at Zombies for an insta-kill. Why? Because my sister!

Structured Crafting by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Craft stuff in your world, automatically.

Weather God by RadekWeather, MCreator

Mod adds the weather god.

VanillaPlusReborn by Shonz1

Example placeholder mod.

PlayCmds by CoderPixels

PlayCmds is a mod that makes joining games on the Hypixel network easier.

mod_CrafttheUncraftable by Mrcafecito1212, MCreator

Craft things that don't have a crafting recipe by default!

Anti-Toxicity by Reflxction

A mod which closes the chat box when any swear is entered, in order to reduce toxicity.


Build your own vault!



Way More ores by TheNewMaker, MCreator

Enter short description here

Alpha Dagger Mod by TheSparkMods, TheSparkGames

A mod about daggers


Adds Infinity Ore, but it needs external input to recipe the unstable infinity ingot to the infinity ingot

ElvenTools by reginn

util opensource survival

TeeLuk's PrinterBlock

It's like paint in Minecraft... yay!

Enderman No Pickup Blocks by Me

Enderman No Pickup Blocks.


Fuerza en minecraft?

Not Enough Compression by Otamusan


CrackedZombie Mod by crackedEgg

Cracked Zombie mod adds zombies in the day time!