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SlashBlade by Ferne

Built against Forge

CJBModTeleport by otakux


Better Teleporting by isteinvids

Better, more seamless teleportation. Now compatible with multiplayer! (Just make sure you have Forge server installed)

Apricorn Tree Farm by BeetoGuy

Extra content for Pixelmon.


Steel Tools

DiyoTweaks by mDiyo

Lots of small changes to the way the game plays.

Simple Surface Ore Veins by Shadowmaster435, MCreator

Enter short description here

MoreFoodz by EliteAspect21, EliteTech US Dev Team

A mod that adds more food into Minecraft!

[Sushicraft] by KingstoneKingdome

Grow your own rice, and make out of it tasty sushi!

Subterranean Crops by Kzd1, alias: cosmicblock

Adds subterranean crops that can be found in dwarven farm plots buried deep underground

By The Gods by shinoow

Maybe trying to summon a Great Old One isn't a very good idea...

CommonUserInterface by yuxuanchiadm

The common user interface for user

absentbydesign Mod by Lothrazar

absentbydesign mod.


Añade la espada de AnthonyCraft


This is a mod with Blocks and Items from FNAF 1 ,2 and 3!


Adds more zombies!

Title Changer by Nucha

You can change your Minecraft window name


This is an example mod

Minecraft Expanded by Cody Cornell

Adds items and blocks to add to the game.

Bacteria Mod

Epic destruction

Cherrie Land by GlowingWater

Cherrie lands! YAAAY!

DeluxeJoin by rojo8399

Clickety by Cypher121

Simple clicker mod

Complex Wiring by Numerios, JBuk

Complex Wiring is a new Minecraft technical mod!

RIF-Mod by MiningMark48, Codyrule040

Adds a blast-proof version of almost every block in the game, with some added things for more enjoyment.

The Daventure Mod by DaveTheModder/CodingCrusader

A mod that has dungeons, blocks, items, and stuff. (Do you get the title? Dave(my name) + adventure = daventure? Q_Q)


Very firdt mod by Bynariiz


go to the nearest tree and hide

Underwater Chest Bubbles by Squirtle8459

Upon opening chests underwater.. creates bubbles..