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RPG Loot

Adds RPG-like looting to minecraft.

Better World Mod by KidComm

A vast assortment of vanilla-ish stuff

Infinity Mine by TheCombatCA, MrSheepCo, applebottem

Its so overpowered, Even Chuck Norris cant make it better!

RebornCore by modmuss50, Gigabit101

RebornCore, A core set of classes.

Growable Apricorns

Using automation on apricorns.

Ender Crop by mathiasNotDJ

Mod which adds an ender pearl crop.


This is an example mod

The Basic Elements by gurujive

Master the 4 basic elements, create your own spells!

Craftable Bedrock v2.1 by WildWingX

A simple mod that allows you to craft bedrock.

UnDeath! by nekosune

Ever wondered if there was life after death? wonder no more

ItemsToOres by Jacob Daniel Rees, MCreator

Turns items into ore!


This is an example mod


Zoom like optifine.

Corn Crop Mod by Cleverpanda714

Adds Meaningful Corn to Minecraft!

Qxzos HUD by Qxzos

Qxzos HUD

BuddyCam by romibi

With the Buddycam you can view your Friends View in Multiplayer, if he/she allows it.

ToMeTinkers by ToMe25

ToMe25's Tinkers Construct Addon.

CyaMod by Whartokx, MCreator


Doge by mmdanggg2

The DogeMod adds a slew of Doge related items.


This is an example mod

mod_D by d, MCreator



This is an example mod

Skin Layer Switcher by Whodundid

Continuously toggle the Layers of the skin to create basic animations!

Divine Weapon by TaoismDeepLake, xiaoqiqi, CindyCao

A mod with some fancy weapons.


This is an example mod

Mythical Swords by Dark_Suicune by Dark_Suicune

This mod allows you to craft and find more sword, some with abilities!

Simple Drills by xMrVizzy

The mod adds some drills

PowerCrops by SoniEx2



First Version of the Mod


semi-intelligent Minions in Minecraft that do your Bidding! Evil Deeds! Wrongdoings! Lightning Bolts!

SamsPowerups by Lothrazar


Pan by kousuke, MCreator


ShopHistoryMod Forge by JOO200

Ein Mod, welcher den Shopverlauf in eine Datei schreibt.

ThePaintballSecrets by mmxw11

Hypixel server Paintball mod.


Provides conversion between IndustrialCraft and BuildCraft energy

James090500's MinecraftCape & Elytra Mod Mod by james090500

Custom Cape and Elytra textures

Nylon Players by Reflxction

A mod which gives you the ability to turn players to translucent view.