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Tainted Magic by John Yorke

A thaumcraft addon in which you will use the evil magics such as flux and warp to your advantage...

Olympus gear by amazing_zombie

The gear of the gods

Zetta Industries by marcin212

ResourcefulCrops by TehNut

Resource-filled crops.

Enigma by McJty


MaggiCraft's Instant Structures Mod

MaggiCraft's Instant Structures Mod

Sponge Nation Chat Tag by Carrot

Towny like chat formating

Simple Tinkers Construct Addon by TheOldOne

Adds support for Simple Ores to Tinkers Construct.


This gives you fnaf and fangames of fnaf with a twist,

yuchansmod_ores by ExampleDude


Redstone Arsenal by CoFH

Redstone Arsenal adds tools and weaponry which harness the power of Redstone Flux, the energy system added by CoFH and Thermal Expansion

tech tools

mod_TreeCapitator by DaftPVF, bspkrs, Lunatrius

Allows you to chop down entire trees by breaking a single log.

Seed Protect by VsnGamer

Protects farmland from beeing trampled


This is an example mod


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Invasion by Lieu


kick Draugr in their skele-balls!

AutoMapSelectioner Mod by RANKTW


AvalonNPC by yuxuanchiadm

Add common NPC to game

Ore Spider MOD by iwa_yukinoshita

Keeping Inventory

When you die your inventory will be kept.

Appalachia by Team RTG

Minecraft mod that adds biomes inspired by the Appalachian region of North America.

Ascribe by Aesen

General fixes and tweaks for vanilla.

mod_Gammabright by kymaster

Overhaul your in-game brightness!

Carpenter's Slope by Mineshopper

Adds a coverable, adaptable slope to the game.


This is an example mod




Adds Hardened Diamonds!

Reputed by Jared

Allows for tracking of weapon kills.

TogglePvP by IamRob_

Toggle your own PvP state. Made for EquaCrack server.

Useful Ls by GentleGravel

Useful #Hypixelthings.


This is an example mod

Magical Smither by ACE_Gaming123, MCreator

The first release of Magical Smithery!

tree by Vazkii, ZeroLevels

Chickens shed their feathers occasionally.


This mod will help you throu the early game!