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add leather into pixelmon

Xnet's Paxel Mod by Xnet/Dentsor, RUBIDDXX, Popill, Oxey/Mineaworld, mira03, mr_burn

Flann Gaming's Xnet's Paxel Mod.

CosmicNPCs by Namensammler42

A further developed version of the Mocap Mod (made by EchebKeso). Allows to record the players movement and replaying it as an NPC.



Exp Chest by jamolnng

Adds a new chest to store your experience away from mobs. Great for adventuring. Special thanks to: ess3 team, GiveMeMinecart

FenceSlabMod by defeatedcrow

r2s_Radio by **Sir_TiTi**

Run 2 Stay : Radio Mod this is a mod witch is all about music, Be patient its in dev. phase go and spread the words the r2s_team

Magistics by T145

Logistical magic!

Galacticraft Rich Presence by JoeZwet

A Discord Rich Presence mod for Galacticraft and add-ons

Celestial Wizardry

Celestial Wizardry is about using your charge of celestial energy to cast spells and writing spells with runic characters.

Between Ores by baka943

Add some Betweenlands-Style Ores.

Die Dye by IrresoluteArkia

Adds flowers that you crumple up to make Die Dye, which you throw at Zombies for an insta-kill. Why? Because my sister!

TargetMark by NurseAngel

Target mark

Concrete Conversion by _NIMJA

Adds another way to convert concrete powder to concrete.

CTKor Noplace by codetaylor

Restrict the blocks that players can place in each dimension.

ColorBlocks 2 by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

DWZTools by Abelatox

Mod complementario para el servidor Dragon World Z.

iExtras by Iskall85, Winter_Grave

iExtras - Iskallian Extras

CodersHUD by CoderPixels

§4CodersHUD is a customizable HUD mod.

Too Many Efficiency Losses by Caffeinated Pinkie

Gives you a much needed break from the ridiculous Extra Utilities 2 power efficiency loss.

ATLCraft Candles Mod by §5AllTheLayers

Candles and related items.

Description Tag Mod by Nichie

Mod, that adds a label for change describe of item/block.

TFC Primitive Technology AddOn by Wahazar, aleksey

�bThis mod adds Slinghot and advanced leather and paper processing for use with TerraFirmaCraft �a0.79.29.�r

BetterStorage by copygirl

Adds more storage related blocks and items to the game.


FluxHeater by EXTER

RF powered fuel.

JeckelMilkMod by JayJeckel

JeckelMilkMod implements milk as a custom fluid, allowing it to be used in fluid systems, similar to water and lava.


Base resources and crafting materials.