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RetroComputers by the_real_farfetchd

RetroComputers adds programmable computers to Minecraft. It's not like ComputerCraft though, in that it can be programmed in actual machine code, which means you can totally program your own OS if you know assembly!

Mythical Realm Mod by StrangeOne101

A wonderful realm filled with candy, death and ice!


Dont know

Valkyrie Compat by ValkyrieofNight

Quantum Anomalies by SourceCoded

Instant Torches and Repeaters by krzyswit2

This mod adds to game instant torches and repeaters.

Biome Bundle

Biome Bundle is a completely custom world generator containing a huge pack of over 400 original biomes with over 2000 structures including custom trees, rocks, caves, dungeons, villages and much more.

World Init by SHsuperCM

This mod allows you to select a world/ip that will be loaded instantly upon game launch!


Enter short description here

Giacomo's compass by Zacomat

Bind your compass to wherever you want!

Portal World Mod by EdgarPi

A mod for Portal Mod server

The Adventure Time Mod by Smiley38, LTUGamer210

Adds new mobs and items from the show.

MaidVillagerExpantion_01 by MMM


Crystal Client by Spamdark, Daniel Peck

Plugin for running up Crystal Client (CC User required)

mod_MoonMod by blackopsIIbo2, MCreator


CLibrary by Coded

Coded's Lib mod

DiamondsEverywhere by egor1654, MCreator

Adds diamond-related things.

NoteBot by Victormeriqui

An automatic noteblock player

mod_usefulDNS by madcock83

useful items and recipes for the DNS Techpack

Kagic: Scline System by thesilicongamer, MCreator

Planets yay



Simple Shelves by JT9/Solis_Nova

Cool way to store your items!

AStyles Stuff by JoklBash

AStyles Stuff.



TitleMOTD by rojo8399


This is a beta mod.

Terraria Buttons by Lothrazar

Just like in Terraria, this adds buttons to containers / chests that can do four actions: Loot All, Deposit, Quick Stack, and Restock.

Vanilla Nether Metals by jriwanek", Knoxhack

Vanilla Nether Metals expands the vanilla ore generation to the Nether Dimension.

Floating Island by tuyapin

Add the new world type "Floating Island" to your Minecraft."Floating Island" is generated floating island on Overworld.

Brown Mooshrooms by quaternary

Adds a brown mooshroom! #CoryYes