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This is an example mod


An Addon for ExtraUtilies

You're an expert, Harry! by quaternary

The new age of modpacks is here!

Better Boat by SanAndreasP

This mod fixes several issues with vanilla boats.


This is a happy Mod

Cosmic's ChromaKey by TheCosmicWolf, MCreator

Adds green/red/blue screen

Enhanced Comparator by EphysPotato

Adds comparator compatibility to (almost) everything.

UnKnownMod by Exysting

Mod for UnKnown Team.

Command Keybindings Version Checker by The_Fireplace

The version checker for Command Keybindings


A stick that makes you walk faster!

RedMagick 3 by Matthew

Rewrite RM2! Why? Don't know.

Thaumic Grid by FTB_lag

Compatibility RS & Thaumcraft.

ApocaBuckets by Cryption

The apocalypse in a bucket

NBTPeripheral by MakerTim

NBTPeripheral, reads nbt as a peripheral.

Cyberware by Flaxbeard

Augmentation in Minecraft


Adds the weird dimension, wierd mob and block!!!! Nether star compatible.

Better Biomes by SMEZ1234

Adds new biomes and world types

Saevar2000 by Saevar2000

A mod that fixes the bucket bug -Made for Badlion :)

Advancement Book by ParkerMc

Just a mod that adds a book to open a thing.

DiscordChat by shadowfacts

Relays MC chat to Discord and vice versa

Fringe Amber Mod by killerwaddledee

Adds Amber from the television show Fringe.

Ore Foods Mod by TheCrystalStar

The Ore Foods Mod Adds In Many Different Food Items, Ores, You Can Make Custom Food From Just Mining Ores


This is an example mod

FTB Quests by LatvianModder

Tinker's JEI by possible_triangle

Currently only adds a JEI tab to show tool material stats


Este mod te permite actualizar y mejorar tus herramientas!


Linkseyi's ModMaker


The Fiery armor!

Checker by Rilai


ARKCraft by Hero887, BubbleTrouble14, Lewis_McReu, ERBF, tom5454, JurassicAlien, Vastatio, MrTrollNugNug(Caz)

ARKCraft: Survival Evolved - Dinos, Taming, Breeding, and More!


The Crystal Gems

Map Making Tools by ProPercivalalb

Very useful for making custom adventure maps.

Automated Redstone by CD4017BE

Better redstone cables and programmable circuits