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Colorizer by alikimoko

Every webcollor within reach.

TFC Cupelling Mod by §6meltafire§r

§bThis mod adds additional refining by smelting recipies for use with TerraFirmaCraft §a79.20.§r


This mod can create a dimension that fully ore.

& by asiekierka

Simple redstone gates

Abilities by Titan

Adds player abilities.

Simple Fluid Tanks by Zarathul

Adds fluid tanks of variable size and shape.

QuantumFlux by Jotato

Wireless Redstone Flux

20 20 20 by Sk1er LLC

Reminds the user to take short breaks to help elevate eye strain


This mod add chocolate cake 8P

Matter Overdrive by Simeon Radivoev

A mod that dwells within matter, energy.

Roost by Tim Wood

A place for chickens to rest


This mod adds ore generation to the surface

Random Loot Mod by milomaz1

A new way to get loot from enemies and dungeons.

Hearthstone by Xeladaren

The mod adds two useful items, the Hearthstone and the Scroll of Recall, this two items have the same utility, but one is for single use and the other can be used infinitely. These items allow you to teleport to the last recorded bed, but if you don’t have bed, or if your bed is obstructed, the Scroll of Recall and the Hearthstone doesn’t work.

LandProtect by RysingDragon

A land protection plugin

Extra Moas by KingPhygieBoo

This mod is a parody on the Modding Leg-XD April fools joke, where a Moa Skin DLC was joked about.

Ayataka Mod by shu3

The last choice is Ayataka

Combat Refined by Author

Makes Combat More Refined


I hope you enjoy


制作YoHern 未经授权不得使用

Ewy's Workshop by EwyBoy, VSWE

A fork of Steve's Workshop

GreenGrow+ by CraftingGamerTom

Mod originally designed for a server modpack. Adds cocaine, tobacco, and multiple types of cannabis into the game. Thanks for all of your support. Enjoy!

Baublelicious by DenBukki

Expension for baubles


Easy to get resource

BeeBarker by iChun

Oh yeah, what are you gonna do? Release the dogs? Or the bees? Or the dogs with bees in their mouth and when they bark they shoot bees at you?

Geko's Lasers by Geko_X


GasConduits by pupnewfster

EnderIO styled Gas Conduits for Mekanism Gas

ArrowRecycle by eyeq


Dynamic Crafting Systems by DocRedstone, OpaqueMango

Dynamic Crafting is a mod that is based around performing advanced autocrafting operations in a very compact space, the minimum space that can be used is one block and the maximum can be an entire network. The crafting is designed in a modular manner that can allow you to do basic crafting, to multiple crafting with schematics, to smelting and crafting in the same block. This wiki will provide all the information that you will need!

SFHCore by SpaceFoxhound

Shared Classes for NTM and Chaust




This is an example mod

BLSquadMod by Yario