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Mob Totems by CorwinJV

A mod which adds Mob Totems to the game. Craft these totems and ward off evil mobs and more.

CobbleDrops by dakaratekid11

A mod made specifically for Skyblock and other hardcore survival maps, enabling the player to get ores and other valuable materials.

AmazingChicken by Draco18s

Adds chickens to TF Labyrinths

WynncraftRichPresence by HeyZeer0

A simple mod who integrates Wynncraft with discord

Spawn Regulation by The Temportalist

Put Desc Here

Tinkers Arsenal by RedstoneParadox

A mod adding a few new materials and many tools, weapons, and whatnot to Tinkers Construct

New Item by jason

new Item



Clean Snow Golems

Removes the pumpkin from the snow golem.

Pyxis Lib by ProspectPyxis

Yet another library mod for me to have an easier time managing my mods.

Warp Book by panicnot42

A simple book for warping between waypoints


This is an example mod


This is basicially Ubercraft 2 in v1.7.2!

Dark Matter Tools by Red0310, Mushroomthecat

Adds some dark matter related objects.

Useful Carrots Mod by Jimbopanda12

This mod adds in over 80 new carrots, tools and a armor sets. More items coming soon

RecipeJSON by Petitsurume


CC Held's Peripherals by heldplayer

CC Held's Peripherals adds some peripherals that extend the possibilities of ComputerCraft

Decraft by Wojak006

DeCrafting the too many blocks and items!

MLGHelper by Oskaaar

Hilft dir beim MLG durch automatische H�henberechnung

Dragon Catcher

Collect all the dragons!

Carpenter's Axe by Ruuubi

Adds another set of axes which turn logs into planks automatically and more efficiently.

MorePlayerModels by Noppes

More player models lets you edit your player model to your hearts content

EnetBridge by Player

IC2-x Energy Net Bridge.


This Mod Adds Food and More

Animated Recipe Button by Fuzs

The vanilla recipe book button is quite boring. Let's replace and animate it!

Rocket Squids by FredTargaryen

They're not the squids you think they are at home. Oh, no no no.

BendyCraftUpdate4 by NightmareByDesign, MCreator

The Mod Of The Game. Bendy And The Ink Machine by theMeatly. Support him on Gamejolt.