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DamageMark by Giccqer, Applecat1208GXR

When you hit someone,this mod will tell your damage.

disharmony ver.2 by HEroBrinEkill1, MCreator

Enter short description here

HosCore by Hossam Mohsen

A required mod for all Hossam Mohsen (HosCraft-7osCraft) mods!

Lycanites Mobs by Lycanite (Richard Nicholson)

Lycanites Mobs is a project that adds a wide range of new mobs to Minecraft. The mod adds a group of mobs to each specific biome type as well as other locations such as from Fire or Lava.


Advanced Power Systems: Repowered by APengu

This mod adds a way to produce and consume tonns of RF


Adds Spiders, Skelettons, Ocelots and more to familiars API



Thrown Slime by LumberWizard

This mod allows you to throw slime balls to cause slowness to enemies.


mod sviluppato da me

YuzuKizu Flower by Yuzuki Yukari, Kizuna Akari, Kotonoha Akane, Kotonoha Aoi, firis-games

Botania addon mod.

Housing Kick by Sk1er

You become god.


New Enchantment System like the Materia System in FinalFantasy 7

Ruabm Mod

New Mod with cool Ruabm!

Basic Nether Ores by cScot

Adds basic vanilla ores to the nether to include copper and tin.


Enter short description here


One Piece mod

Key Bindings Overhaul by Elix_x

Overhaul minecraft key bindings system...

Mystical Tools Mod by Proxerater, MCreator

This mod is quite different from others.. Explore it for yourself.

Cobblerock by d4rkstar00

A simple mod that adds different dense cobblestone blocks that can be used to make bedrock and a hammer to remove bedrock with.


Secure your precious server

AppleSauce by theplamC, MCreator

Youtubers+ Mod

This mod adds youtubers and other people into minecraft

Conglomerate by SnappyDragon (Pengu61151), Judacraz

This KAGIC add-on adds in a variety of new gems.

JumpPlates by �biDinya�f, �dZarak�f, �eDesha�f

This is fun mod

Natural Witchery by Kiryuninja, MCreator


Armor Sound Tweak by InsomniaKitten

Play the respective equipping sound when (un)equipping armor in a GUI

Always Online by Zeitheron

Allows modpack makers to connect their players using a host.

DixPeripherals by MarcusD

Example placeholder mod.

MoarSigns by Gory_Moon

A mod that adds a lot of different signs.

Crafting Redstone by JasminePlaysMC

This is a way to craft redstone in the game so you can make getting redstone for the machines easier!

Inventory Saver by Taigore

Modifies what happens at player's death, putting all their drops into a bag, that is not affected by item despawn time. No more mindless rushing!