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This is an example mod

WandItems by _Zixel_

WE & WG Items


Enhancements primarily designed for

absentbydesign Mod by Lothrazar

absentbydesign mod.

[SBM] Fluid Gun by its_meow

A single block mod adding a fluid gun which allows players to shoot and suck in liquids at a range.


This is an rrrr mod

Capacitors by 00yoshi

Capacitors for RF

mod_AdventureCraft by TheMythicalWizard, MCreator

Adds new mobs blocks and more!

Vanilla Ingot Works by reteo

Ore doubling and alloying using the vanilla furnace. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader

Mo' Gems by Termin8or

Simple mod that adds lots of gems.


This mod adds new shovels and items.

Xray by Kradxns, ignis42

Kradxns Xray ported to 1.8.9


createve fly mod

NeXTech by KingNXT and NeXTech Dev team

A mod that implements real time Tech!

NyaSama Electricity by NSDN

NyaSama electricity mod.

Naruto C

I have my own ideas i want in a MC Naruto Mod. Enjoy Naruto C! ^^


This is an example mod

KC's Weapon Mod v0.1.1 by Killer Chief

KC's Weapon Mod v0.1.1 for Minecraft 1.7.10. Weapons v1.0. This mod allows users and other mod makers to easily create any kind of projectile launching weapon they can dream of (and design themselves by using this extremely complex and simplistic mod). This Version is NOT user ready yet and is Limited to a Maximum of 21 different rendered projectiles.

WoodStuff by ganymedes01

Adds a lot of wood stuff!

Nowy_Minecraft by U�ytkownik, MCreator

Enter short description here

BBox Outline Mod by 4poc

Shows the bounding boxes of nether fortresses.

Craftable Bedrock & Obsidian Tools by Neo Anderson, MCreator

Craftable Bedrock & Obsidian Tools

HoestryForMinecraft by eyeq

�ق����Ƃ�[�ӂ��[�܂��񂭂�ӂ�......Hoe Hoe and Hoe

Eldercraft by yahootels, yahootles, TheMacMini09

Adds rune blocks and magic to Minecraft

AIRI by Ri5ux


MagicBooks2 by kjmaster2

A rewrite and continuation of MagicBooks.

Awesome Diamond Tools by FerreiraAlex

ENG: Mod add in game new sets like Super Diamond Tools and Ultra Diamond Tools ÐÓÑ: Ìîä äîáàâëÿåò â èãðó óëó÷øåííóþ àëìàçíóþ áðîíþ è èíñòðóìåíòû.

BioDynamics by JuiceGrape

A mod that adds a symbiotic relationship between technology and nature.

Rotten Fleash To Leather Mod

Burn Rotten Flesh To Leather Easily!

Copy Paste by joshiejack

Copies contents from config/copy to new or existing worlds.

Redstone Energy Field by samrg472

Adds a redstone energy field block

Kelpie by Darkhax

A the kelpie from scottish lore to mc!

The Titans Mod by Enderman_of_D00M

A mod that adds 18 gigantic Titan mob bosses to your world.

Laggist by Le Duy Quang

A simple mod by Le Duy Quang that displays FPS and ping.

Jon's Useless Mod by Jon

A useless mod that adds a slew of useless items, blocks, and more!

Time Twister Mod by Spyeedy by Spyeedy

This mod was requested by Time Twister


Small simple mod