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This is an example mod


This mod let's you compress 9 diamond blocks into one.

§2Nature's Revenge§2 by §dArrowstorm606§d

A Mod surging with tons of new Weapons and Armor! Challenge your foes with mighty Heavy Weapons, or blast them away with the Form-changing functions of your Multitool! Wasp Hives spawn around the world, as well as Minibosses of undetermined size. Demons haunt the blazing Nether, now it is your job to take these threats down!

Vigilant Eureka by Edwan Vi

A mod that does things to the Minecraft. Source is available at


This is an example mod


Random Recipe I came up with

ほえすとりーふぉーまいんくらふと by えだ豆とトリ(edamametotori)

クワを追加します...Hoe Hoe and Hoe

Lightning Stick Mod by mcpcfanc

Adds the Lightning Stick, the most powerful ranged weapon ever!

Auto Ore Dictionary Converter by MattDahEpic

Converts specified ore dictionary items on keybinding.

Raiders by GenDeathrow, Darkosto

Creates Fake Players, That are all trying to kill you


movie Oblivion all rights go to their Perspective owners Warner bro's

Grave by Grim3212, DerBaM

On death places all of your items in a chest with your name on the sign to save your items from despawning.

Usable Magma Block Weaker by Johnskullmaster, MCreator

Enter short description here

mod_Oredimensions by The_kurta3

Not Enough Potions

Adds ways to craft the potions from Potion Core through teh config files. Adds a mortar and pestle and a mixing cauldron, and also uses the vanilla brewing stand.


Enjoy the extreme hills of gravels and stones!

DimensionPlus by OnyxAgata, MCreator

Enter short description here

Smart Moving Ladder Registry by KotoroShinoto

Allows registration of vines and ladders so smart moving recognizes them

Bechill TPS by Bechill

Monitor server performance while in game

mod_FoodOre by marcusstein, MCreator

Food Ores

Mekanism by aidancbrady

Energy, Armor, Tools, Weapons, Machines, Magic.


This is a test mod

Lina.Cloud Environment Integration by Lina @dark_pin_guin

This Mod helps to integrate server to the Lina.Cloud Enviornment

mod_GravelToFlint by DynamoBlockHD, MCreator

Gravel To Flint Mod

Teletubbie by Rexbas, Asterions

Teletubbies for Minecraft


SwordsAndThings adds swords and things

Forge Creeper Heal 1.0.0 by EyZox

Heal terrain after explosion

More Nether Ores by GoodMiner

This mod adds new ores and block in the Nether with more tools and materials.

worldgen tools survival

Tool Progression by tyra314

A small mod, which allows to set harvest levels of tools and blocks

Endermanage by FyberOptic

Allows you to control which blocks Endermen can carry.


Adds the Sugi tree, and related blocks.

BamsMod by opum2

Adds some cool stuff for Jon Bams' new modpack. - Found a bug or have a suggestion? Tweet me!

Iron Chest Minecarts by ganymedes01

Minecarts for all the chests added by Iron Chests!