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MobAura by Thebombzen

This mod creates an aura around you which either attacks or interacts with nearby entities, depending on your settings.

Mystical Wildlife by Lykrast

Adds various imaginary animals to the world.

VillagerMetaFix by malte0811

A small core mod that makes villagers check that they are buying items with the correct metadata


Le mod qui rend utile les poules

Crafting Tweaks by BlayTheNinth

Allows you to rotate or clear the crafting matrix by the press of a button, in any (supported) crafting window.

Metroid Cubed 3 by FirEmerald

Metroid!!! In MineCraft!!!

ChatControl by Giselbaer

Helps to keep track of chat channels - which one exist, which one you're in - and allows switching them while still typing

CloneWarsMod by CloneWarsStarWars

Eine All-in-1-Mod: Das heisst: alles moegliche ist drinn!

GlassWorks by oitsjustjose

oitsjustjose's GlassWorks mod, adding various Connected Texture glass blocks, pillars, and more!


Official Crusades Mod!

More EMC by MalangBaram, hasunwoo

EE3 Addon which adds bunch of useful transmutation recipes and commands.

Bigger Packets, please ! by ElNounch

Enable reception of compressed packets bigger than 2097152 bytes.

CustomTAG Mod by RankTW

Custom TAG mod.

Correlated Potentialistics by Aesen 'unascribed' Vismea

What would happen if you took the storage part of AE2 and made it it's own mod. Yes, the name is the result of running 'Applied Energistics' through a thesaurus.


Some GUI enhancements.


You will no longer be the only human to travel now.

Chisel Ztones by Reteo

Replaces Ztones' recipes to use Chisel instead. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader


Gold Dimension mod

Mill´┐Żnaire Extended by LaikaIwanowa

An addon for Mill´┐Żnaire which enhances the base experience by adding more additional content.

Nexus Mod by supercat765

Adds a dimensional hallway where many portal can originate (built in there are 3) this mod is designed to be extendible




Enter short description here


This plugin adds sign shops for users to buy items.

Corail Recycleur by Corail

Add a new recycling table with json recipes.


This is an example mod


First test mod (mham sandwhich)

Dummy Mod by abc

Dummy mod that does nothing when unmodified.

Command Blocks for Better Questing by LOKKO12

Admin Commands as Blocks for SSP

lions plo by ExampleDude

lions plant ores mod.

Basic Tools by pookerok, MCreator

Basic Tools mod provides early game tool option for modpack developers.

Simple Flight

Simple Flight isn't your average, wimpy flight mod that lets you creative fly in survival mode -- No, Simple Flight is HARDCORE, brah. You take fall damage if you aren't wearing glide-enabled wings, you only get a limited amount of flaps per flight, and there is a cooldown between flaps. Good luck. You'll be needing it.

GCMoneyMod by GameGunner5

Are you tired of the item trading scheme? Well look no further, this mod adds money so you can trade with coins instead!