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Menka Mod

Simply add a cottons for making string and wool by farming.

MoarPeripherals by theoriginalbit

Adds more peripherals to ComputerCraft

Wireless Communication by PixelGirl

Adds options for wireless data and item transferring.

Biomania by FlashFyre, MCreator

A mod adding several new biomes and some other stuff.


New COD release!

Elite7 Core by nhave

All base functions for Elite7 mods.


I love This mod

plasma saber 1.0.2 by Hasadona, MCreator

Enter short description here

Pokextras by Karston, MCreator

Additions to the pixelmon mod

kagic + by josh, MCreator


This is an example mod

Ore Reeds by felinoid

Grow ores like reeds. They need special blocks to grow on, and they need to be next to lava to get all the right nutrients.


This is an example mod

Dungeon Realms Unofficial Mod by xIGBClutchIx

Dungeon Realms Unofficial Mod.

ZEONmod by mike cat

this mods add ZEON Armor and weapon.

DanmakuCore by Katrix

A mod that adds the underlying structures of danmaku stuff. Won't do much on it's own.

Creative Helper by Libroru, MCreator

Hardcore Expanded by TheWerty1124

Fear death again and add more of a challenge without worrying about losing your world.

Dyeable Beacons by nxsupert, Core Modding

Make your beacons colourful

mod_ConcreteStone by xXjackathyxX, MCreator

Adds concrete to Minecraft

Compressed Blocks by Kreezxil by Kreezxil

Fighting the block invasion and winning!

ArrowCounter by qlow

A simple arrow-counter by qlow


Can explode if you are stupid !!!!

Squirrel Guide by Douglas Squirrel, Winter Grave

Provides narrator guide to blocks looked at


Adds MMO-like level-up abilities to help you in your game


This is an example mod

TeamInfo by Kovu

Displays friends' stats and other stuff.

MTTM by MiningMark48

Custom blocks and items for the Masstech mod pack.

StoneBlock Dimensions by FTB_lag


Waila Events

Adds several new events to the Waila mod.

§eEnderCrack by §bMCE626§f

This mod was inspired from the crazy Endermen of the snapshots of 1.8

Bauble Enhancements by Shelter_Rin

This mod will add utilities for baubles that can help players across their journeys

The Agricultural Revolution by Mr_Moeman, NotSoSpartan

Lots of extra cooking, farming and gathering stuff.

Cryogenic Library by NovaViper

API for mods, meant to ease registering new things

Aperture Craft by UltimateKevin, Jammy780

Cores. Potatoes, Buttons and more!