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Delicious Mod by ChickenBond007

This mod add to game delicious food and materials.


Transmutate Items and Blocks using the Magical Stone


This is an example mod

SimpleAutoRun by Mysticdrew

Simple hotkey for Autorun

Applied Energistics 2 Utilities

Brings a lot of cool stuff to Applied Energistics 2

EnvironmentalGrimoires by KewaiiGamer, sokratis12GR, ImmortalPharaoh7, C2W_Alex

A mod based around the environmental. Your actions will have impact on your progress


EnderGun Mod

Nice Hay by iLexiconn

Catch me!

OP-Shovel Gurashi! by KabanFriends, MCreator

Adds an OP SHOVEL from a famous Japanese anime.

No Spawn Zone by Christian Theis


custommc by KevinWalker


Energy Meter by orblazer

Socket IO and other CC peripherals

Wynntils by Scyu, HeyZeer0, EHTYCSCYTHE, SHsuperCM

The best wynncraft mod you'll probably find!

mod_OresPlus by Detuit, MCreator

Added Pickaxes, ruby and quick crafting table!!!

Floaty Armour

Bouyant Armour! Swimmers Beware!

TooMuchArmor by avocadojoe

ever feel like there is not enough armor in minecaft? this mod allows you to craft armor out of lots of materials from vanilla minecraft!

Mo' Shovels by Soletare, Community

You won't run out of good shovels anymore. Some also have special abilities


Create your models in Minecraft!

Contraptions by Vanhal

Minecraft mod that provides various contraptions

Round Robin Hopper by Ruuubi

Adds a round-robin version of Minecraft's Hopper.

Pickle Craft by jmanpenilla

Pickle Craft

Pagamos by KingPhygieBoo

One of the first dimension mods, also known as Ice Mod. This mod was designed to give a dimension relative to coldness. It's back from beta, on the latest versions of Minecraft!

Plethora by SquidDev

Adds gameplay related items to Plethora

Wandz by NbaNga, ButterCheetah266

Have fun with the wands.


A region-based player shop plugin.


mod de semi magia

Abyssalcraft Addon by Enderman_of_D00M, Shinoow

An addon that adds Abyssalcraft entities to the Engender mod. Empty unless you have Abyssalcraft.