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mp3 Jukebox Mod by masll

a Mod that enables you to play mp3 Files

ZAWA Maker by SoggyMustache(George Kazanjian)

A mod that allows you to load new animals into zawa with a json file and model

Bork IRC by MattDaJoo, MageProto, MintyGoddess, MrXeon20

An IRC mod that does just that, and nothing more.

Death Quotes by andrenoel

Displays funny comments when players die in-game.

Gravel Ores by Elucent

Simple gravel ores that appear on the surface.

TheEscapistsMod by cubic_control

This mod adds in items from TheEscapists.


A minecraft mod allowing you to become a mankini wearing star. What would you ask for more?

Hungry Zombies by Icynewyear

Zombies attack wildlife


Diamond[387,42,489]Compressed Block

World Init by SHsuperCM

This mod allows you to select a world/ip that will be loaded instantly upon game launch!

MagicalWings by AndreykaMrPvP, AlexTM

Magical Wings


An elemental micro-mod

Danger Lies Ahead by Nierhain

Makes the world more dangerous

Northcraft by PixelPacker

Northcraft mod

Third Person Elytra by pauljoda

View your flying

20 20 20 by Sk1er LLC

Reminds the user to take short breaks to help elevate eye strain

Trollebas ModPack by Trollebas, AlHiMiK, RailDes

Trolebas ModPack is an addition to the mod RTM, which adds to the game the infrastructure of the Russian Railways.

Unikitty Mod by Pauls Mods

Adds Unikittys which can be tamed as pets & a very OP armor.

Super Heated Ceramic Tools. by Zebington, part of the Zebcoding team.

A Mod With Super Heated Ceramic Tools.



BetterStorage by copygirl

Adds more storage related blocks and items to the game.


Gold In Them Thar Hills by Lapiman

Panning for gold. Done for The Modding Trials




This is an example mod

Missing Recipes

A mod that adds several crafting recipes for vanilla items, some of which, you could say, are missing from vanilla.

Transformers Mod G1 Edition by FiskFille

Example placeholder mod.


MMD in Minecraft!

OP Tools by oDubzzy

Adds Overpowered tools to Minecraft!

Ungui by Mrkol

Declaring a war on GUI screens! This was made as part of MODJAM3. If you are reading this in 2014, then I probably got into top 10. Otherwise I would totally be all sad and stop modding for a couple more months :(

TNTSchafTimer by MysteriousHacks

Zeigt dir einen Timer fuer TNT Schafe

Up And Down And All Around by Mysteryem

Mod that lets you change the direction of your gravity

Runic Dust Mod- Testing Pack by zombiepig333

The latest, in development runes from the Runic Dust Mod. Contains bugs!!!

MMCRestrict by Leelawd93

A simple item restriction plugin

Crafting Automat by Lolcroc

A vanilla-esque autocrafter

Growthcraft Cellar by Gwafu

Growthcraft Cellar is a mod which adds a new in-game hobby: brewing alcoholic beverages.