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Alot Of Bug Fixes And A New Dimension!!!

Transistor by LatvianModder

Ancient Warfare Structures Module by shadowmage4513

Adds Structure Building tools and World Generation

Lantern Corps Universe by Spyeedy

Adds in content from the Lantern Corps in the DC Universe.

Machine Power Craft by MrDimkas_Studio

This is a tech-bases mod. It adds loads of new machines and generators to Minecraft.

QuickFix by XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

This mod fixes a few small things.

LegibleNei by Davenro

Add custom filters in Not Enought Items with simili-json files

HarvestTooltip by raspen0

Displays Tool Harvestlevels.

Ore Dictionary Re Order by kjmaster1

Re order the ore dictionary based on mod preferences.

Mystcraft Tooltips by Veovis Muad'dib

Try moving the slider...

MataCraft by ChargedKanohi

Enter and explore the legendary world of BIONICLE with this BIONICLE Minecraft mod!

Pixelmon by Pixelmon Development Team

Pokemon, in Minecraft!

Tiger's Mod (TigMod)

This adds color (mainly orange) to your world! And cool thingys

BlazingBlocks by abused_master

Cooler Blocks to the game

ComPatchedStorage by Shadows_of_Fire

A patch for Compact Storage

Server Protector by leszczu8023

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