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myBiomes by krimin_killr21

Uncle Jeff's Walls Mod by Jeffry Fisher

A new metadata-variant set of rock walls

Dooglamoo Jr. Archaeology by Jason LaDere

Friendly and fun alternative ways to get mob drops and Nether resources with an archaeological theme.


LastSurvivor mod.

Coral Reef by primetoxinz, Nandonalt

Nandonalt's Coral Reef mod updated for Minecraft 1.10.2 and above.

Giacomo's Farmland Mod by Giacomo

Use wet sponges to moisten the farmlands.

ProjectE Aether Addon by sinkillerj

Adds new content that bridges ProjectE and Aether 2.

Automatic Reply Mod

A mod that is built to create custom reply messages to automatically reply to people on Type /autoreply to get started.






Linkseyi's ModMaker

LoK: Soul Reaver by KnightDemon

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver mod designed to bring a great franchise into Minecraft.


This is the sequel to Dream Mod 3



Mo' Ore's And Tools Mod by SupGamer NL, MCreator

Added more tools and some metarials, plus there are some bug fixes.

sticky by The_Icy_One

Woodn't you like to know what this does? Leave this menu and find out.

Custom Sword By Kelco_K22

Customize your sword using 21 blades, 21 hilts and 3 gems


The Philosophers Stone From ProjectE But StandAlone Version For Resource translations...

MagicEdit by K-dence

Magic Edit is a WorldEdit-like mod for Forge


This is an example mod

Just Dyes by reteo

Provides single-purpose, origin-neutral dyes for modpacks. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader

DiscoTek by heldplayer, mbl111

A mod created by Team Bleigh for ModJam 2013

Legierungsmod by Joel Kuhle

This is a mod, whith which one you can alloy your tools to improve them.

BrassKnuckles by loukl

a loukl mod


official group


A wiki-searching tool by maxpowa

Redstone Transmit

Adding new blocks to extend Redstone signals

Skorpio's NotOnlyMoreOres Mod by sorash67 || Skorpio

Bunch of stuff added by Skorpio!


هاك xD