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Pearcel Mod

A mod by me, MiningMark48, that adds pear-cel related stuff. They're pear-cels not pears! I guess you can say this was made for Parcel31u...


This World was Created by Voles


Added Custom Skeletons

Modular Pipes by LatvianModder

Advanced Items Mod by espacee

Advanced armors and swords

Renamign! by licht

Rename items!

BartWorks by bartimaeusnek

A Gregtech Addon.

RedstoneLampsPlus by DemoXin

3 New Modes of Operation! 16 Colors! Fully Interchangable!

Dungeon Tweaks by jredfox

Configure Dungeon Mobs with nbt and jockie support

IC2 RPG Addon by ZephaniahNoah

This addon for IC2 adds interaction with DivineRPG & Advent of Ascension.

MoreBlocksMod by PrettyPrincess56, MCreator

Puts more blocks into vanilla minecraft.

Treasure2! by gottsch, mason

Compact Kinetic Wind and Water Generators by PinkaLulan

Kinetic Wind and Water Generator compact version!

Moar Things by NaturalEvo/Kiryuninja, MCreator

Adds some extra stuff

Instrumentus by Beanxxbot

Vanilla Style Tools and Armor from various mods!

Pixelmon TCG by Pixelmon Development Team, Pixelmon Modelling Team, Waterdude, Hy, Isi

Trade cards and do battle!

mod_TheWalkingDeadMod by MobApocalypse, MCreator

Based on 'The Walking Dead' TV Series by AMC

Single Player Server Shop by Kloud

Example placeholder mod.


OP-Craft - One Piece Mod for Minecraft

Simple Item Collector Chest by JamDoggie

Adds a chest that can collect items in a 5x5 radius.


adds alternate ways to get vanilla hostile mob drops

Amalgam by mm4cc

An API for using amalgam, a liquid created by melting down materials

Vulcanite by Insane96MCP

New ore into the nether. Tools and Armor made with this ore, the Vulcanite, have special properties


Dimention réunissant les 4 éléments

TFCWedge by Konlii