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makes addition Ores, weapons/tools, Armor and more.

Devon's Random Things by F1repl4ce

A mod adding random things that were requested by EnderDevon321. Some of the contents include Dirt Armor, Emerald Embedded Armor, Paxels, and Charged Coal.

Get Off My Tardis by Black_Ace2004

Example placeholder mod.

mod_CupquakeCakePops by tre14321, MCreator

Items Don't Break by gigaherz

Prevents using items that are about to break

MPGuardForMCEconomy2 by Azel

MP lost guard for MCEconomy2


TitaneMods 1.0.2

Lottery by RandomByte

Xplosion Core by Big_Xplosion

A core for all the Xplosion Mods

The Derpy Shiz Mod by Wuerfel_21

Adds some random stuff.

Craft Arcanum by mallrat208

Bridging Tech and Magic. Sort of.


New Fixed?

Locket by Himmelt

Locket Plugin

Twitchy by OCDiary, Bright_Spark, UpcraftLP

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SciMCLib by sci4me

A powerful Minecraft modding framework!

Fluid Cows by FTB_lag

Cows with fluid!

Desire Paths by Corosus

Wears down grass as its walked on to create naturally formed dirt paths

Incredibles Mod by Endernoobs314owen

Get Amazing Powers From The Incredibles

Ender Mod by CJ Burkey

Implements some ender stuff


More with ore!

BetterChunkLoader by KaiNoMood, Rob5Underscores, KasperFranz

Lighting Wand by Snownee

Lighting up!


This is an useful mod

DreamWorldRPC by Ilomiswir

Dreamworld zijn Discord Rich Presence mod.

Thicc Entities by WireSegal

A mod that allows you to configure entity size.

Glowstone Wire by GrygrFlzr

Adds aesthetic placeable glowstone wire.

EconomicalMilkTea! by defeatedcrow

Economical life, economical milk tea.

Tiger Kus' by ilyapirogov

Very simple mod which doesn't allow to hurt Tigers