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Lifeblood by FlashFyre, MCreator

A mod based around nature and exploration.

mod_MoreCombat by GamerDaily, MCreator

This mod is WIP

§dPieAPI by NuclearBanana

§9These are the classes that help the mod tun faster

Configurable Beacons by Ephys

Customize how beacons work.

Compact Machines by Davenonymous

Allows you to fit many machines inside a single block

Counter Craft by F3RULLO14

Counter Strike Global Offence Mod for Minecraft. Includes game modes, high quality guns, custom GUIs and much more!

Crystalz Generation X by EliteAspect21, EliteTech US Dev Team

A tiny mod about the wonderous world of crystals

Gnom Gnom's Utils by Gnomorian

Mod that adds a bunch of useful stuff (pronounced /Gnom/, /nom/)


Add a Greenscreen to Minecraft for video composition

Tiquality by Terminator_NL

Evenly distribute tick time amongst player, its time we all tick equally!


Mod dla ludzi z klanu RP i wszystkich znajomych klanu. Mod for people from RP-Clan and for all friends of the clan.


This is a little weired mod I put together over the weekend

Uk Mod Pack by uk_rules_ok

Uk Mod Pack Description.

OreHarvester by RoarS

Harvest ores with a single click.


Heads Authors

Aquatic 1.13 by Palkadros, MCreator

Small count of Dekoration Blocks from Minecraft 1.13

EXP Ore Mod

The ore which can obtain EXP, the Block using EXP, an Item, a Tool, etc. are added

Forge TeamSpeak Integration by DjGiannuzz

TeamSpeak 3 chat in Minecraft.


Linkseyi's ModMaker




This is an example mod

Sips by codewarrior0


Your Mod Ideas by 98_Mods

Your Mod ideas.

Power Gems

This mod adds 7 new ores and adds a new use for lapis. Each ore has its own armour,tools,special weapon/tool and Power Gem!

Chocolate Quest

Dungeons, monters, items...

Potion Storage by Lothrazar

Adds one simple button that lets you put your active potion effects on hold, and reapply them later. Only works if the effects have over 10 seconds remaining.

Better Chat by APengu

Improved PMs, Voice Calls and more!

RedServer Mod by Andrey

Новые блоки и предметы.


LotsOMobs, a mod that adds so much more than mobs!