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Occultist's Toolkit by MarinaAtkin, MCreator

A mod that adds demon summoning and all other sorts of dark magic to your game

Mo Sticks by Kaden

This Mod is very Sticky, to say the least.

Metal Golems Addon by sky01

Add-on for Extra Golems to support metals from popular tech mods

Scarab's Missing Furniture Mod by ScarabCoder

Adds those little missing blocks to your game! (Credit to MrCrayfish for his tutorials)


This is an example mod

MC Tools by Connor Linfoot

The MC Tools mod.


Adds 2 new gems

Just Enough Reactors by The_BrainStone

A JEI addon for Extreme Reactors

lectronice's Delicatessen

Convert rotten meat to merguez, craft edible swords and paper feathers, paper lanterns, and other bizarre stuff.

SanAndreasPs Mod Library

A library made for and required by all my mods.

WalkingDead Mod by crackedEgg

Walking Dead mod adds zombies in the day time! Walkers they are called.

Ru Hats Mod by HellGamer

This modification adds a decorative hats. It was created for the creator's project and the portal


ntrwansui閲嶅埗鐨� ForgottenNature

Teleport Command by XCompWiz

Adds the tpv command to allow vanilla-based dimension teleportation

Useful Railroads by HyCraftHD

Who don't want to travel fast? I do! So i created some high speed minecraft rails: Speed 100 blocks/second. This is just a very beta, cause I have many more plans for rails.


Obsidian Crafting


Enter short description here

mod_VampireMod by Princeofdark175, MCreator

Still A Work In Progress Vampires Will Drop Blood In The Furture

Abilities by Titan

Adds player abilities.

Omni Wrench by MrBretze

This OmniWrench !

ClaySoil by Fearitude

This mod adds a random clay drop to Dirt, Grass and Mycelium blocks.


This is an example mod

Potatorium Mod by _chuchu_, MCreator

Enter in a wonderful world full of potatoes !


More flowers for your first skyblock days

Custom LAN Mod by CptHunter

This mod changes the way you've imagined LAN to be. It will change the gameplay you have with your friends by ways you never thought were possible.


This is an example mod

RCraft by rolandoislas

Adds useless gems and ingots.

Seetem by Ema, MCreator


ColoredWaters by Cyphrags

Extending Minecraft with custom colored waters!

Nyan Cow by TheRandomLabs

The best mod ever created for Minecraft, no doubt.

mod_Icedtools by Nanyashi

add icedtools