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Diamond Warriors Team MTS Pack

A content pack for MTS made by the Diamond Warriors Team, includes Diamond Vehicle Corporation (DVC)!

Hookt by codetaylor

Configurable fishing drop rules.

Nametags Tweaks by HunterzCZ

Displays nametag only player on which it looks

Suntorch by Jannis234

Torches that light mobs on fire!

ZipChat by PaperMage

Chat compression mod.

Ruby-Craft_Mod by JamesDisco13

Adds Rubys to the game, Only to be used in the Ruby-Pack.


No description available

Discount Superheroes by FiskFille

Turns out all the heavy-hitters were way too expensive. Due to severe, extensive and debilitating budget cuts, this was the best we could do.

CraftMine by ModsForLife, MCreator

Mine As many ores as you can

God Sword Mod by ModdersAndCreators, MCreator

Adds God Swords To Your Game

The Jam Machine by WorkshopCraft, AtomicBlom

Update Me when surprise ruined.

§2World §9Plus Mod by §6UKMinecrafted, §2Asc4, §eMy Pikmin Loving Friend, §2Josia50, §3Tem

§2Makes your Minecraft Worlds better!


Sharpness Core Mod

MoarRecipes by Hyghlander

Even More Recipes for Minecraft!


This is an example mod

PoorOres by Xexanos

This mod adds poor ores to worldgen.

Miners Pick by Minekid878, MCreator

A pickaxe that has fortune 10. Semi hard to make.


Adds navi, 1Up, the companion cube and more to familiars API

Lazy Lazuli's Pipes by LazyLazuli

Simple piping mod. Cheaper alternative for moving items than hopper arrays.

Just Enough Tins by Sssssh, MCreator

Lots of tins!

Ender Mystic by Korti

A mod about Ender Mans and her mystics.

Charcoal Generators by BrickMaster5000(SteveBeeblebrox), MCreator

Make Charcoal Blocks!


Erase maps and books for reuse by using redstone dust.

Craftable Animals

This mod adds a variety of new features concerning animals and mobs. Features include: crafting + placing animals, transporting animals, creating + modifying spawners, applying armor to animals and many more.

Recipes For All by mallrat208

Unlocks all recipes in the Vanilla Crafting Book

Multithreaded Noise by Blargerist

A mod for multithreading some of the noise used to generate the overworld


6 Dimensions Added


things for my modpack

Mixer Interactive Minecraft by Microsoft Corporation

Now viewers can fully participate in your Minecraft stream. Summon zombies, gift weapons, place objects, or just make night fall. For every Minecraft command, you can create an interactive button and let your viewers loose to help, challenge, or just build along with you. And with Mixer's Faster Than Light streaming protocol, you'll be able to watch and play with less than a second of latency. Work together, invent minigames, or enjoy hilarious chaos - it's all up to you. Start building today!

ObsidiCore-IntCompGad! by jadenquinn8 (Jadenquinn), maskedrpm8 (MinKun11), Caitlyn~Chan (Olivia/Jessica), GrifyTheGreat (Griffin/grifythegreat/Grify); Special Thanks: MaskedRPM8 on YouTube (Mod Review), ZeZo (ZeZoBeatz, zezo, Robert) (Suggestions/Persuader), mapstar123 (Bashby) (Go Go Go!!!!/Suggestions), WindGoldYT (WindGold/C_p_s/John) (Thanks for bein' my brother from so far away!!!!)+(Suggestions/Preserverance!), MCreator

What's going on guys, Jaden LeMieux here: AND WELCOME TO OUR NEW MOD*! (* = MOD(S)) ...ObsidiMods for Minecraft 1.12.2 is Created by: vvvvvvvvvvvvv, and adds AN ABSOLUTE TON of Cool Gadgets and Tweaks + More stuff planned too!; Just install MCF to Check them out!... SEE Y'ALL THERE!!! Thanks! -jaden-


This is an example mod


This is an example mod


Chisel adds a huge variety of static blocks to the game. This mod will be very useful for people who like the construction aspect of Minecraft



Can't go to the nether? No probem! Install this and you won't need to go to the nether again!



Infinity Item Editor by Ruukas

Bringing back features of All-U-Want item editor and more in a simple interface!