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Artisan's Tabs by TheUnknownFew(Sollux_Captor)

Enhance your Minecraft creative experience by creating new creative tabs of your choice!

Elementals by ThisDarkShadow

Legendary Winter by LegendaryGeek, cipherzerox, foss

A mod made for WinterJam 2018 that adds winter-themed materials.

Nations by Arckenver

A towny-like worldguard-like zone managment plugin.

Kerberos's MOD Core by Kerberos

This MOD is Kerberos's MODs core module., This MOD does not add a Block!

Deadly World by FatherToast

This mod adds a few world generation features like  landmines, silverfish veins, lava pockets, and things that shoot arrows everywhere, all using blocks and features included in vanilla Minecraft!


Storage Drawers

Multi-drawer storage blocks for quick storage and retrieval.


Why do I have to explain? In the development that's all!

Smart Hoppers by The_Wabbit

Smart hoppers for compact storage systems. Smart hoppers can auto-filter, auto-pack, auto-craft, and even recycle your items as they move through.

Solar by Martacus, Thexare, notawallplan

Use the power of the stars to do crazy stuff

Tree Feller M2 by kingjpc

Trees cut down.



Bad Dragon Mod by Gridino, MCreator

This is a bad dragon mod for minecraft 1.12.2 You are probably wondering why. And my answer is : why not lol


ak47 mod

Tweaker by asbyth

:crab: mc bugs are gone :crab:


Coremod for this Modpack


A├▒ade mas mods de RE4

Miscellaneous Stuff by surferconor425

A group of miscellaneous stuff that I felt like I needed in Minecraft.


Simply Sulfur


This is an example mod

Simple Sky Grid Utilities by Vorquel

A helper mod for Simple Sky Grid

Zen Triggers by TeamDman

Adds methods to execute commands when certain events happen

Ancient Warfare Structures Module by shadowmage4513

Adds Structure Building tools and World Generation

SourceBottles by Bennyboy1695

This mod simply makes it toggleable as to whether bottles will consume the source block or not!

Illuminati Mod by Hytear

The power of Illuminati between your hands !

Thaumcraft Research Loader by Frontrider

A helper library to load thaumcraft research in a configurable way.

AE Peripheral by Pharabus

A ComputerCraft peripheral that interfaces with Applied Energistics

Armor Tweaker by Rinart73

This mod allows users to modify armor and armor material stats, as well as create new armor materials.

Magic Chocolates by ZomDev

Magic Sweet !

WorldEdit CUI Forge Edition by yetanotherx, Mumfrey, Hexosse

WorldEdit CUI is a client-side user interface for WorldEdit.


Batuhan Celik'e aittir.

Resource Pack HUD by phantamanta44

Allows resource pack authors to modify the structure of the in-game HUD.