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GregTech (for 1.7) by Gregorius Techneticies

This Addon adds the awesome Technology of GregTech-Intergalactical to your World! Fusionreactors, Lightningrods and many other Technologies and convenient Recipes are added by this Addon, if you let them enabled in the allmighty Config, of course

Insta House

Adds plenty of structures that can be instantly spawned with a flick of a staff.


Adds colored lights! more features to come!

Custom Paintings by MrDimkas_Studio

Allows players to draw custom paintings.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod


Chemistry in Minecraft


First part of server lunern mod

InstaPlay for Hypixel by JGSBroadcast

Creates a GUI that allows you to join games instantly on Hypixel.


This is ALPHA BUILD!!!

mod_IngameInfo by DaftPVF, bspkrs, Lunatrius

Provides the ability to display many different player and world details on the in-game screen. ALT + I toggles info.

AOLOnyxAuriteLuminiteV202 by Xi_, MCreator

AOL update

Shaker Mod by Ikara Software, Te Papa

Earthquake simulator


Check [] For More Information. Tookit (Lite)

Tools for working on the wiki.

FoxThings by Zorn_Taov


StructPro by Ternsip

World structure generation

QwerTech by Qwertygiy

An addon to GregTech 6, featuring achievements, tools, and more


Add some difficulty to Minecraft

Legendary Beasts by Davidee

This mod adds new Legendary Beasts to the game

Gregic Additions by TheEmosewaPixel, Bartz24

An addon for GregTech Community Edition with the goal of making it much more complicated and realistic through the use of GregTech 5 Unofficial and GregTech 6 features.


Just like the red mod but with a sword!




What Is That?

Player Glow by HDR

Allows Players to Glow

Scuba Diving by q3hardcore

A continuation of Nandonalt's Scuba Diving.



GemCraft by Sanguine045

Ever think that emeralds are a vastly underimplemented part of the game? well here you go! this mod adds two more types or gemstone (sapphire and ruby) as well as full tool and armor sets for all three types of gem.

Karmaland 3 Mod

Mod creado por MorelPlay y basado en la serie de Youtuber Karmaland 3, formada por los Youtubers Vegetta777, TheWiilyrex, StaXxCraft y Alexby11