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By a Coders !

Glazed Terracotta for 1.11.2 by morsmage, MCreator

Glazed Terracotta for 1.11.2

Sythiex's Stuff by Sythiex

Adds a bunch of stuff


EXPLODING DIMENSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Official Mod of Youtube Channel... TAZERCRAFT!

Movement Assistant by tinysnake

It helps you to free your hands while you're walking, swimming or climbing ladder, and auto follow any player!


Use These Amazing Blocks To Decorate Everything You Ever Wanted

Simply Daggers by JustusFT

Simply adds daggers.

mod_Mortalcraft by carlos2002, MCreator

InGame Mod Configs by Lunatrius

Replaces the FML test config GUI with a functional menu.

Economy Plus by Suatae

Coins for your world


Thank you for you playing this mod!This mod is my firstmod! This mod add some coolthing,and some armor,some tools, add 1 food.


A Jurassic Park is a safari amusement dinosaur park. We have recreated Dinosaurs and other extinct animals and exposed them in a mc safari park to the public, where people can ride in jeeps and drive by different enclosures filled with dinosaurs to encounter. In the MC World many Jurassic Parks will appear. The majority of prehistoric creatures created by the mod team are dinosaurs, but we have also created pterosaurs and mosasaurs, neither of which are dinosaurian. And remember, we spared no expense.

Mist Biomes by Hennamann

Adds mistified versions of vanilla biomes, based on the mist from FFIX

ExtraDiamonds by Created by Destroy

A little element to the diamond.

Clear Water by ExpensiveKoala

See clearly under water!


Le mod qui rend utile les poules

EZ Storage by zerofall

Storage: Simplified.


This is a magic mod. Magic Reborn!

TerraDuellum by SionoiS

TerraDuellum is a multiplayer mod that rebalance town vs town battle.

Hungry Mechanics by Oort Cloud

More Realistic Animals.This mod changes vanila animals' AI and feeding activity. Now they would die when hungry, eat fallen foods!

Mega mod by filip, MCreator


Configurable prevention of black placement by dimension

MobTalker2 by Chimaine, xs2007

A visual novel engine for Minecraft

Obsidian Ores Mod by TheMChewy

Mod of obsidian

King Hogarth's Armor Mod by NB_urton

The First of King Hogarth's mods. This adds some new ores and tiered Tools, Weapons, and Armor.

Mystic Stones by oitsjustjose

A Mystical Variety of Stones and Other Blocks!

Coloured Lanterns by lerrific

Now you can colour lanterns! .. Hurrah?