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it's fun


This is a mod that allows you to find twelve different coloured stone blocks throughout your world!

Francis Rabbit by GodRabbit

Francis Rabbit mod.

loadingscreen Mod by Fengqian Li

loadingscreen mod which adds animation.

The Lion King Mod

The Lion King Mod adds another realm to explore: the Pride Lands, complete with new blocks and items, animals, ores, biomes and much more, based around the Lion King. Meet characters, trade for unique and valuable rewards, undertake quests and defeat enemies in an adventure like no other!

XP-ngots by Dbrown55

Show off your experience with castable experience (Requires EnderIO and TConstruct)


This is a mod that adds a new plant, bucket and foods to minecraft

OpenMods-IGW integration by TheSilkMiner

Integration between OpenMods and InGameWiki Mod

More Stuffz by Lapisz

Adds More Stuff to the game! Add-ons: Feature coming soon!

Diaernum by MarcoPlay00

This mod adds new tools and armors

mod_ninjagocraftweapononly by pan100, MCreator

ninjagocraft is awesome !!!!

§3Project X

§7§oProjectX is primarily focused on tech expansion. There are §nmany§7§o more things to come

Long Fall Boots by NanoHeart, Xbony2

This mod adds Long Fall Boots, so you can jump from any distance and be a-okay!

PowerNodes by TheFjong

Adding Power nodes to Minecraft!

Better Than Weagles by DarkMorford, qrpth

A LoadingReadyRun joke mod.

AntiCheat Mod by LaoChen

Anti cheat mod.

Farmers Live

A Description.

Storyoflife by veesus mikel here, Anomalocaris101, DinosawrBirb

Story of Life mod

Magneticraft by cout970

Magneticraft energy free

Brown Mod by Skek

Adds a Brown ore, along with tools and armor.

Laser Tech by OldDirectory

A mod about laser.

SeedManager by FunnyMan3595, narc0tiq

Adds a static (block form) seed analyzer and storage facility for IC2 seed bags.

ColorfulBuildings-beta0.3 by Jordy178, MCreator

Enter short description here

Colorful Armor Lite by Torquebolt

Stand out from the crowd


This is a mod with Blocks and Items from FNAF 1 ,2 and 3!

TombManyPlugins The Betweenlands by M4thG33k

A plugin for Tomb Many Graves 2 adding compatibility with The Betweenlands

World Handler GUI

The World Handler GUI provides a smart GUI for people without having to know any complex commands and gives them a look inside the art of Minecraft map / world making. Now anyone can easily create maps or just save a few ammount of time and provides an easy to use interface.

Minecraft Virtual Machines by Craft4Cube

Real Computers In Minecraft! Powered by: QEMU: License: Vernacular VNC: License:


Skeletron Added to Teminerraria

Viridium & Ostrium

Adds two new ores to the game. Viridium spawns in the overworld, while Ostrium spawns in the nether. Scepters are crafted by placing a(n) Ostrium/Viridium block on top of two sticks.

Ore Zombies by GeorgeTsak

A mod that adds new zombies to minecraft. These zombies are harder to fight and they give ores as a drop!


This is an addon for my own modpack

The Purple Stuff by MrPurple6411

Total Cheat Stuff


Enter short description here

Unmending by Vazkii

Nerfs mending while still keeping it usable.

Assembly Mod

Amazingly simple automation.

BamsMod by opum2

Adds some cool stuff for Jon Bams' new modpack. - Found a bug or have a suggestion? Tweet me!

Peko's My Fair Lady by pekorin


Magical Map

A map to find structures

§aAltis-Of-Life by §cMrAnthonyPvP_G

§8Créer par §cMrAnthonyPvP_G §8interdit a la modification et à l'utilisation non autoriser. §cSous Copyright