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HologramsPlus by happyzleaf

Adds support for PlaceholderAPI to RandomByte's holograms.

Lava Crystal by DrSlenderman, MCreator

-_Sample text_-

Rose Mod by Tyler Arbon

Adds rose moss stone

Pig Manure by airbreather, skidznet

Adding manure, from pigs.

Emeraux3 by Wedemeyer, MCreator

Enter short description here

Better PVP Mod

Adds useful pvp features into your minecraft client.


This mod includes loads of new flag blocks into your minecraft game!

MantraMine Tweaks by Denney

Various tweaks and fixes for the MantraMine mod-pack.


adds weapons and armor that give you abilities


Dynamic Lights integration for Vehicular Movement

Extra Moas by KingPhygieBoo

This mod is a parody on the Modding Leg-XD April fools joke, where a Moa Skin DLC was joked about.


Who you gonna call? With this mod, you can not only becone one of the Ghost-Busting crew but also relive their greatest adventure as you hunt ghosts throughout your world and even fight the infamous Gozer the Gozerian and Mr. Stay Puft!


Tired of being alone ?

SokratisCore by sokratis12GR

PedoEden by TheElephant

This Mod Will Guide You Through The Darkest Places In Eden's Mind


Enter short description here

Super Mario Mod by Jimboom7, LulzCop, branquinho_l0j

It´s a me, Mario!

Aarmau by Megapup10, MCreator

Aarmau 3D Werewolf Ears


Mod adds new ore and blocks.

Frostwave Client [Private] by 2VeryIcey_Gaming // Zach

A Forge Based Client Designed By The User 2VeryIcey_Gaming, It Is Fully Optimized For 2b2t, And Is Currently A Private Client!

Glove by shadowfacts

A glove/empty-hand mod


Enter short description here

FloatingRuins by DaftPVF, bspkrs

Floating islands taken from the ground with ruins on top.

worldgen ruins dungeons serverside opensource

HorseAccessories by MorpheusZero

Adds recipes for horse armor, saddles, and nametags. Also spawns horses in more biomes.

Souls by ChaosTheDude

Spawns a angry Soul that steals your inventory when you die. Good luck!

AzuMod by coco 04, MCreator

mod AzuriaMC

OP-Shovel Gurashi! by KabanFriends, MCreator

Adds an OP SHOVEL from a famous Japanese anime.

Ant Hat Mod by WhirlWindBB, MCreator

A Mod for PopularMMOS about Ant Hats!

AgeCraft by ElConquistador

Agecraft adds ages and evolution to Minecraft.