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NoFog by Virtuoel

Simple mod to disable all types of fog.

Larger Inventory and Hotbar by spacechase0

A mod that gives you a larger inventory, and a larger hotbar.

Moar Advancements by Xalcon

Adds paging buttons to the Advancements Menu to allow more than 26 Tabs

Vanilla Food Pantry by The_Wabbit

Many more uses for and better mass storage of vanilla foodstuff. Makes food preparation fun and you gain Xp while you're doing it. More efficient drops system for farm animals and many more kinds of drops-- horses, bats, wolves included.

Rubidiocraft by El chapis

Mega mod epico para disfrutar el modo survival yaa que ofrese items y armaduras que te ayudaran

Farming Tools by lazynessmind

A lot of tools to farm....

Style by Zeus, Mellon

DoggyStyle, KittyStyle, BirdyStyle, etc.

ImpactCraft 3rd by Cappycot

An arsenal of weapons to protect this beautiful world...

Advanced Machines by immibis, Chocohead

Upgraded IC2 machines

Mo' Utilities Mod by Tate Mooney

Adds variety to the tools in Minecraft.


Say YEY to no naked bodies!

Old Combat by chylex

Removes attack cooldown, and hides the cooldown indicator.

Extended Debug Renders by Silly511

Adds keybinds to toggle a couple hidden debug features.



Painted Biomes by masa

Generates the world's biomes based on a template image

Everyday Commands by ZigTheHedge

A bunch of server-only commands and tweaks

ArmoreableMobs by Buuz135

Equip mobs harder modded armor


This is an example mod

FactoryAutomation by FoodDog

Adds Extractors To Duplicate Items And Some Useful Multiblocks

AutoPaths by T.S. White

Make paths as you walk!

ExoCraft by XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

This mod adds new cool exo suits!

MFR Compat: MagicalCrops by mechaet, Xanarios

Adds Magical Crops to MFR


This is the Dark Matter mod, this mod reveals the powers of Dark matter with ultimate tools and dimensions!

DrZhark's Mo'Creatures Mod by DrZhark, BloodShot, BlockDaddy

This mod adds many more creatures to Minecraft

Companion mod by Casual_Dutchman

This mod adds a companion to the game, He will help you.

Bed Bugs by gr8pefish

Adds a button and command to leave the bed/server when stuck!

Spatial Systems by Bread10, ADeathlyTouch, Tacomundu12, xX_Penis_Xx

Everyday things are for everyday people. This mod offers the extraordinary for extraordinary people like you!

The Agricultural Revolution by Mr_Moeman, NotSoSpartan

Lots of extra cooking, farming and gathering stuff.

ClicketyClack by boq

Mouse and keyboard on-screen indicators

FrostRealm by bagu_chan

IntCompGadModSNAPSHOT-Rethought! by jadenquinn8, ananascreator, maskedrpm8, grifythegreat., MCreator

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