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PattiSlabs by Sterling Mods

Just a few extra slabs thanks to Jack Pattillo and the Wardens.

Simple Furnace by ParanormalRyno

A mod that add a simple furnace

Team Fortress 2 Mod

Adds TF2 Stuff to Minecraft

Bush Master Core by Face_of_Cat

Helper lib to integrated all the bushes out there!

Emojify Mod by canelex

Renders an emoji of your choice over the face of players.


This is a mod for those elements!


LastSurvivor mod.

CraftGuide by Uristqwerty

A recipe viewer, WITH A SCROLL BAR!


This is an example mod


enjoy girls who want guns

Better Anvils by vdvman1

This is a small mod that just removes the anvil XP limit.


Boxes by Matchlighter

Immersive Integration by UnwrittenFun

Adds ME wire connectors to use IE style wires with AE

mod_X by Federico Mangini, MCreator

Ore Drop Multiplier by LizNet

Multiplies ore drops.

Project Table by big_Xplosion


You are invulnerable!


Este mod trae cosas de bedrock



Ender Book by duke605

Allows you to teleport around your world quickly and easily using Ender Books, there are four Ender Books, normal, Iron, Gold, And Emerald

Musical Energy by Trentv4

ModJam 2018 entry. Cast spells using music by playing various instruments and notes!

Ore Chicken Mod by CsokiCraft

Adds special, mineral-laying chicken.

Tinker's MiddleEarth by TheCrafter4000

Makes Mevans LotR mod and TiC compatible


This is an example mod

WeatherConfig by Dries007

Config the weather. It's that simple really.

ShopHistoryMod Forge by JOO200

Ein Mod, welcher den Shopverlauf in eine Datei schreibt.

Tool Swap by APengu, EndieDargon

Selects the best tool for your convenience. Usage: * Type "/tswap toggle" to toggle ToolSwap mod. (Doesn't deactivate the mod itself)

Better Horses Mod by thehippomaster21

A mod that remakes horses by improving animations and other things.


This is an example mod

Strange Craft by MrOlegTitov, MCreator