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AdminCommandsToolbox by ProfMobius

Some admin tools like pregeneration and chunk purging.


Bringing the Steam Revolution to Minecraft

MegaCorp by pkmnfrk

Have a lot of items laying around? Want to get into extensive automation for more than automation's sake? Using ProjectE and have more EMC than you know what to do with? Turn your extra items into liquid gold with your very own MegaCorp!

Chest Hopper by simplysimon0

Adds some hoppers with bigger inventory spaces. With the added storage the hoppers have lost the ability to suck items from above itself. Most of the hoppers are inspired by the mod Iron Chests.


This adds in a bunch of items and tecniques to Minecraft.

Custom FoV by C4

Allows customization of various field of view settings.

Elytra Jet HUD by SHsuperCM

Adds the HUD of jet planes to elytra flights!

PSIonic Upgrades by WireSegal

Assorted addons for PSI.

Sift by ZephaniahNoah

Sift through the earth to uncover its secrets.

Grid by Giselbaer

Some Mod


This is an example mod

DropChanger by Try4W aka sashabelii

Small mod, that can add custom item-drop to entity.


The Sword Art Online Mod for Minecraft v. 1.7.2 by NaibafLP

Gilded Games Utility by Gilded Games

A module which supports several major systems that are used between different Gilded Games projects.

ExpPack by Darkyoooooo

Add an useful pack for you to save your xp!

Drugs mod by Aden, MCreator


A Simple upgradeable Modular Solar Panel which generates the new Tesla Power

Lightning Attractor by Thunder Bird

Turns lightning power into RF energy.


This is an example mod

BioBomb by maru

You can set a bomb on an entity

CursorPosSaver by makeo

Save your cursor pos.

Bio Cristals by Chompzki, Piron

Agriculture with cristaline biotech.


In this mod you dont only have desert stuff but, EnderStuff Betta Sword and an....... BANANA

NEI Easy Serach by pdos_95

Easy to use search in Chinese

OpenBackup by LotuxPunk

Backup mod for MinecraftForge.

Unified Items

Adds items and blocks like copper and tin so that we can have a more 'unified' playing experience

Extended Drinks by NewKid96

Booze till you drop.

Colorful Blocks by Elix_x

Unicode Font Extension by BRE

This mod allow you to read very small unicode fonts.