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Copy Wand by Julian M <jmeyer2k, SonicBoy2k>

Copies stuff.

Climb Fix by Rivvest

Fixes visual glitches due to climbing, primarily with spiders

Companion mod by Casual_Dutchman

This mod adds a companion to the game, He will help you.

Engineer's Tools by wile

Adds manual handheld tools for the Engineer.

Poop Mod by Tiviacz1337

Just Poop Mod!


[First Mod] Adamantanium isn't your typical metal, It is the most enhanced metal you will likely see in any other mod, and is pretty hard to get (despite it being in a lot of places near bedrock). Enjoy! I will post recipes and instructions after I write them. This mod is in its early stages and will be improving. Expect a few bugs :)


This is an example mod

Quickstart by zerofall

Things to help you get started quickly.


This is an example mod

MagicalWings by AndreykaMrPvP, AlexTM

Magical Wings



Crappy Ores (?) by Ivorius, TripleHeadedSheep, diesieben07

Adding tons of Ores, potentially maybe not useful.


This is an example mod

Craft Everything! by Andrejs_k

This mod adds recipes for uncraftable vanilla items.

Energy Meter by orblazer

Socket IO and other CC peripherals

Lots of Food by pifou92000

A mod adding lots of food in Minecraft !

Magic Baubles by ZDoctor

Magic at the tips of your fingers.

GrowthCraft Fishnet by Gwafu (a.k.a supertoinkz)

Adds Fishnets, an automatic way of gathering fish.

Player Shops

Allows players to create shops

InvView by StrangeOne101

Allows you to view some items of other players in better detail.

Arrow Path by Aycy

Build Tweaks by Fabian Metzger

Items for crafting in Minecraft Build Modpack

PlaceableEndCrystals by Virtuoel

A mod that allows End Crystals to be placed anywhere. Placement blacklisting and whitelisting is available in the config.

Kwasti Villagers

Add many villagers

AA Farmer Compat by Quarris

Adds additional mod compatibility for the Actually Additions Farmer

hypixelwdr by ho3

BlazingBlocks by abused_master

Cooler Blocks to the game

BurnZombiesWithHelmets by TheDarkColour

Burns undead mods even if they are wearing helmets.


An extension to traditional Vanilla Minecraft.

Christmas Fun! by BlueyGames

Christmas in minecraft is boring. Not anymore!


This plugin is only used by MultiScripts.

Millennium Racer Block by @CingularI

Tech blocks for everyone!

ChowTime by allout58, kkaylium, OynxDarkNight, YSPilot

Not just another food mod! Dynamic items and recipies!

Ice and Shadow I - Enter Nyx by TheRabbitologist

A brutal yet rewarding frozen dimension for the avaricious and masochistic.

Sleeping Bag Bed by SHsuperCM

Sleeping Bag Bed allows you to sleep without placing down the bed

Infinity Item Editor by Ruukas

Bringing back features of All-U-Want item editor and more in a simple interface!