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Community Mod by Minecraft Community

Lots of code, added by the community.

DayZ Mod by MacColt, @AdryanoALF


The Sabotage Mod

Have you ever wanted to prank your friend, or mess up an enemy's base? This is the mod for you! Adding poison food and trapped Crafting Tables and Furnaces, this mod is perfect for your pranking needs.

NEoA by Mowmaster

Tweeks for NEoA

CE Higher Enchanting by Maties7

Allows you to change the maximum lvl enchant.

Placable Milk by SlimeyFellow, MCreator


mod_MinecraftMoreCoal by samppa128, MCreator

adds more powerful coal to minecraft

EnviroFix by TwentyOneZ

A quick fix for status values reset after death on Cauldron servers using Enviromine Mod.

mod_TheWalkingDeadMod by MobApocalypse, MCreator

Based on 'The Walking Dead' TV Series by AMC

The You Will Die Mod by xFyreStorm

A rogue-like inspired mod which strives to make Minecraft more difficult, and rewarding, by adding traps, mystery potions, weapon stats, blessings, more dungeons, world goals, and more!

BQShim by AntiquiAvium

BQShim mod.

Prefabricated Walls by MaNicXs

Make walls on the crafting table by putting blocks in the corners.

TerraFirmaPumpkins by Peffern

This mod adds growable pumpkin plants to TerraFirmaCraft.


Just the latest version of the mod for Minecraft version 1.10.2 instead of 1.11.2

Minimapsync by james94jeans2

Synchronization of waypoints from Rei's or Zan's minimap on servers running with this mod. Also enables teleportation to set waypoints with /warptowaypoint <name>


This mod adds one solar panel which creats energy for modded or vanilla furnaces


Ulti's Mod

Chiseledit by vinz243

Chisel&Bits + WorldEdit

Advanced Flux Tools by TechsMechs

Expanding Thermal Expansion!

Custom Sounds by zoonie

Play your own sounds for almost anything that happens in Minecraft.

Assembly Mod by TeNNoX

Adds assemblies for transporting and process items, and much more...


This is anSingular mod

Lucky Block by Player in Distress

The Lucky Block. What will you get?

Fluxed-Core by Jaredlll08

Mod that holds methods that are used in all GetFluxed mods.


This mod let's you compress 9 diamond blocks into one.

Super Quantum Panels by OlegT

Super Quantum Panels mod.

Realistic Chat by olafher

Chat like in real life, not everyone can hear you (clearly)!