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Ceramics by KnightMiner

Adds a few early game items based on baking clay

Orehaba3Block by bud(budweiser2525), NurseAngel



Shadow's Emerald Mod by Shadow3654

Adds the ability to craft emerald armor & tools.


Bioshock in minecraft!

SimpleChat by TrenTech

Chat management plugin

Useful Ores by SIlvio20002013

This mod adds a bunch of ores and a few alloys, its also adds some machines for processing your ores. Jesus love you!

Item Zoom by mezz

Shows a big version of the item you hover over.

Better Than Mending by legobmw99

A small tweak to improve Mending


Adds a Blue Cookie!

No Doze by mallrat208

No Sleep. Ever

Iron Furnaces by XenoMustache

A mod based off cpw's Iron Chests mod. This mod adds tiers to the already exiting block known as the furnace, with different burn speeds.

AIRI Terrain Extension by Ri5ux

AIRI submodule (up to 1.9.3)


Never Food by lilValentineGirl

This mod adds various food items.

Caveworld by kegare

Adding the Caveworld dimension.



Harcore Survival Mod by UpcraftLP

Small mod making Minecrafts earlygame more realistic and difficult.

Compressed Ores by Peridot/MaincrafterDE, MCreator

this mod adds compressed ores

Reach Display Mod by dewgs

Displays the distance between your hits, to prove you don't cheat. Dank mod

Missing Things by TheTestMod

Random item and block mod.


This is an example mod

JustEnoughTooltips by superckl

Quickly find and view recipes for items and blocks.


right click to activate the swords special powers!

Particle_Mod by Ayako

Made by Ayako and SpideFrog | Updated by spiderfrog and Ayako (For Kawaiy)

FluidTank by Kotori316

Add large fluid tanks.

Minimapsync by james94jeans2

Synchronization of waypoints from Rei's or Zan's minimap on servers running with this mod. Also enables teleportation to set waypoints with /warptowaypoint <name>


guerreros protectores

KO Legends by ExplosiveNewcity

Adding to gameplay with more ores, swords, tools, mobs and more!