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Herobrine&SteveV0.6 by SuchSpain, MCreator

My first mod!

ChatMirumiru by altair

ChatLog Utility.


In Beta

ShadowTweaks by Shadowfacts

My tweaks mod

Tinkers' Golems Addon by sky01

Use TCon blocks to build golems!

Extended Item Information by Alexiy

Provides various information about items

Advanced Brewing by MewK

Industrial brewing and additional potion usages.

Dab Mod by Mariaum

I am the one!

Feed the Creeper Tweaks by Thor12022

Tweaks for the Feed the Creeper mod-pack

Creepino Utils by Creepinson

creepinson's utility mod. also a dependency for most of creepinson's mods.

ccSCADA by Mr. Byte

A set of peripherals for building factory automation systems.


Right now the mod is in alpha. So there is not much to talk about

Simply Cats Mod by Mnesikos

Cats! Cats everywhere!

Elemental Creepers by Lomeli12

A complete rewrite of xSmallDeadGuyx's Elemental Creepers.

Zero Mod by subzer0mc, minegames121

Zeronium doesn't combine with coffee...

Aperture by mchorse

Enhanced camera mod

Regain Mod

A mod that adds recipies, money, food, items, blocks, tools, armor, smoke, trees, corruption, crops, beer, block clickers, coffee, more crops, and more recipes to the game.


This mod adds MANY MANY zombies to da game.


it Ads blood to the game

TerraFirmaCraft by Bioxx, Dunkleosteus

TerraFirmaCraft is a total conversion for minecraft that tries to bring hardcore believability to minecraft.


give lapis lazuli a use. Inspired by steven universe

Good ol' PvP by MrIbby

Disables item cooldowns


Le mod quenti coins


This is an example mod

AntiGhost by Giselbaer

Some Mod

AutoUser by abused_master

A mod that adds in an auto user and liquid exp.


Adds Biomes

funny mobs by Owner, MCreator

DWYW Support Mod by EliSussman

Do What You Want Support Mod (made for the modpack DWYW - Do What You Want)

Tesla Core Lib Registries by Face_of_Cat

Used to register stuff after all mods did... ignore it.


Mohist built-in mark.