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V10verlap by V10lator

Stack your dimensions


This is an example mod

mod_AgeOfWeapons by terminator2209, dialga127, IHATETHEARBITER, MCreator

Climbing Glove by MrArcane111

Adds many items that are both useful and creative.

Craftable Chainmail by Mrwar117

Adds Crafting recipes for chaimail!

goldkoura by kvosk, MCreator

Starfall Star Warsish Mod by lukashinator, MCreator

Throwable Explosives by xBigEllx

Allows you to throw primed TNT blocks from your hand.

Chocolate Sprinkle by Dev909

Put some chocolate sprinkles on your vanilla Minecraft! A small flexible mod that adds vanilla-esque recipes.

Spartan Defiled by Samlegamer

Add Spartan Version on Defiled Lands Weapons


Remake of APTTDW for Minecraft 1.7.2 Forge

NetheritePlus+ by NanoLive

Mod, what replaces nether classic textures to 1.14.4 textures and adds 1.16 items.

Realistic Chat by olafher

Chat like in real life, not everyone can hear you (clearly)!

Block Gravity by SeriousCreeper

Adds block fracturing and gravity

Gingerbread Mod by TheMobiusArchives

Gingerbread and festive decorations

In-Game Mod List (1.7)

This mod provides an in-game interface for the mod list hosted over at

opensource util

Lil' Buffs by CatDany

Lil' buffs <3

OverflowAnimations by W-OVERFLOW

Animations, animations, animations!

DirtDiamond by sorazodia

Happy April Fools :P

JEI Utilities by vfyjxf_

More enhancements for JEI

Mega Chest Mod by Ptolemy Hill, MCreator

Adds a chest with 200 slots

A Realistic Foods Mod by SeanOMik

A mod that adds more food. Made by a 13 year old!

ForgeSpoof by senoe

Removes Forge mod IDs from the mod list sent to servers.

Harshen Castle by kenijey, Wyn Price

Rituals&souls&blood, big structures with powerful bosses&mobs&traps, armors&tools&accessories, new dimensions and more

mod_BattleaxesMod by 9ReMiX9, MCreator

Adds beasty ass battleaxes

Vending Machine Mod by general3214

This mod adds a Vending Machine to dispense you with tasty drinks and candy at your beckon call (well, only if you have money)! This mod was originally created by angrybeast96 and MrArcane111, so kudos to them and all of their hard work, but since they cannot update their mods anymore, they have been placed in my care to update. This mod requires Forge, so it is compatible with SMP. Remember, ladies and gents, NO DRINKING AND DRIVING!

Corail Pillar by §9Corail

§eAdd different kinds of pillar blocks.

TuxieStepper by Magnus Johnsson

The first alpha of Tuxies magnificient stepper, based on the novel 'Long Earth'

Guards_Mod by FrostedRedStone, MCreator

WeaponMod+ by general3214

A Balkon's WeaponMod add-on

StreamMazes by Hiroku

Adds configurable maze generation using a unique algorithm.

Toxic Rain

Rain poisons you! Also an enchantment for armor to help prevent it.


This is an example mod

Illuminated Bows by Michael Lydeamore

Light up your world with shootable glowstone!