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OPed Ultimate Armor!

Galaxitmod by Vile, MCreator

Add's stuff for TGP

SanAndreasPs Mod Library

A library made for and required by all my mods.

Moving Box by okome


Storyoflife by veesus mikel here, Anomalocaris101, DinosawrBirb

Story of Life mod

Landmines by Lorenzo Busellato



This is an example mod

Extended Fuels by Haighyorkie, BStramke

Implements new Fuels

CopperCoin Mobs Mod by Quieteroks

Sepicial for CopperCoin Mobs Mod.

Furnace Minecart Inventory Mod by _Bedrock_Miner_

Working Time: about 5 hours Supported Languages: de_DE, en_US

Enhanced Armors by _Lorkin_

Adds advanced Armor-Sets to Minecraft.

Coords Tracker by nbcss

Track Coord

Dimensions by Calenria


GottschCore by gottsch

Base API for all my mods.

Apocalypse Dimension by aidencuneo, MCreator

This mod adds the Apocalypse Dimension! It also adds a thirst bar and currency to the game. This mod adds new blocks and items to Minecraft, all of them obtainable in the Apocalypse Dimension.

Schematics by Dom Amato

A simple item for rendering schematics

Explodables by Fearitude

This mod adds many new Explosives. These are designed to be much safer and much more flexible, allowing you to control what is destroyed by the explosion.


See the website for detailed information on this mod!

Roblox noob boss by kemo_gameing, MCreator

its a roblox noob boss

KalStuff by The TEAM Team

A mod that adds plenty of random stuff. From chicken nests to moon flowers, KalStuff will suit all your random mod needs!

Mr G Reapers twisted mod by Mr G Reaper AKA mrgreaper

a twisted mod with stuff that i wanted to add to the game enjoy and try not to be offended!

base by Jason

Example placeholder mod.

MeanMobs by creepersgalore

Adds mobs and edits vanilla mob AI.

Blank Planet

A Galacticraft Addon.

ClaySoil by Fearitude

This mod adds a random clay drop to Dirt, Grass and Mycelium blocks.

Fuel-Resourceful by GamersMods

Advanced Fuel System, With Machines!


This is an example mod

Technomancy by theflogat, Democretes, Mordenkainen

Technomancy, as much as you can guess from the name, is based around combing magic and technology in a (hopefully) fun way

More Purple and Gold by bor295

just adding more purple. and gold.

Crafting Pillars Mod by Dawars, FBalazs379

Adds a redesigned crafting table. You interact with it directly. Others can see what you are doing. Things won't pop out every time you go away.