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EP Detector by RagequitByMichel

A mod with some detector features for bedwars.

Better Auto Jump by oldjunyi

A mod provides a better configuration for the auto-jump behavior.

Galacicraft Pixel Galaxy by RamiLego4Game, Flashy-3, TheUnknownPlayer

Galacticraft 2 Add-on That Adds New Galaxy (Pixel Galaxy)

Dynamic Liquid Tanks 2 by DocRedstone,

Dynamic Liquid Tanks is a mod that is based upon storing liquids in Minecraft in a limitless combination using multi-block structures, so that they look just the way that you want them to!!


Backpack Previews by Allymonies, Vazkii

Mod to show previews for Backpacks on Hypixel Skyblock

Resonant Induction Archaic by Calclavia, DarkCow, tgame14

tech opensource

EssentialBlocks by BrutalSkillz16

Some useful blocks and items for doing all kinds of things in modded minecraft.

Damage Indicators by rich1051414

Displays the damage you inflict on creatures, as well as current health, name and potion effects.



This is the Super Hero Crusades Mod

Jack-O'-Launcher by ochotonida

Exploding pumpkins and stuff


NJMO's first offcial mod!

Similsax Transtructors by Vorquel

Now you can place blocks *behind* the block you click on!

Voyage Ark by Scarecrow

A simple mod.



Chameleon Creepers by Vel0cityX

Makes creepers harder to see by tinting their color based on the current biome

No Spawn Zone by Christian Theis


WaterSkin by Guyde, BlockyNoob

Adds a thirst tooltip to items with Tough as Nails thirst values.

Miratop by TheSpyGorillas, MCreator

Top your MInecraft


This mod adds a gun called a snipow! (sniper mixed with bow)

Hydrophobia by The_Icy_One

Rain, rain, go away...



Milling Mod by Codeman862

Adds the ability to mill stuff

Colorful Health Bar by LocusWay, Tfarecnim

Customizable wrapping health bar

In-GAMEMods by Lucas_Gamer13

Junte o fórum mais o servidor! veja seus alertas em tempo real!

Wireless Crafting Grid by TheRealp455w0rd

Refined Storage addons that adds a wireless version of the crafting grid


This is an example mod

CheaperCraft by Timbo994

This mod is to craft something cheaper


fase beta proximamente mas actualizaciones

Ore Spider MOD by iwa_yukinoshita