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Selectable Paintings by Kerberos



This mod adds some armour.


Ancient carrots of the world are being discovered, can you find them

The Warp Mod

Travelling thru Minecraft will never be the same!

Telescopefix by Bennyboy1695

Fixes the gui opening of the astral sorcery telescope

Vil-Loot-Gers by SHsuperCM

Gives Villagers drops

GaymerCraft by oOMitchOo

Gaymercraft adds colored water, hedges, vertical slabs and unicorns to Minecraft.


If you need help put down comment and i will help you

House Decorations Mod by Thundercraft, MCreator

This Mod Was Made For, Decorating Your House With Small Items. Smooth Lighting Is Reccomended For This Mod Right Now Cause It Has A Lighting Bug

Auto Compressor by illiath

Block compressor powered by RF.

More Materials

Adds tons of new building materials for all your architectural needs!

Time Overhaul by Squirtle8459

This mod alters Minecraft's time to align with reality.

Nucleus Mixins

Nucleus Mixins

Thaumic Arcana by Frontrider

A thaumcraft addon extending on biothaumaturgy, and the manipulation of the environment


A mod that adds networking items and blocks to the game

Frozen jungle expansion by fapdos, MCreator

Expand the jungle and ice plains


A TinkersConstuct Addon.


This Adds Dimension!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OC Drugs

More Charcoal by al132

Adds a few new charcoal based items and blocks

Old World Gen by ted80

The Whetstone Mod by LordDan1989

The Whetstone is an object dropped rarely from stone. Combined with an Iron Sword or Axe, you will sharpen and hone your Weapon, giving you increase damage.

UltimateGearCompression by VoidCallerZ

A mod to compress weapons and armor.

Rabbits Breed Like Rabbits by The_Fireplace

Rabbits breed like rabbits, and other rabbit tweaks.

zerkonia by Somblackgaming

Zerkonia Mod

False Fire by traikanossi

An aesthetic mod.

OpenEnder by boq, Mikee

OpenEnder introduces small personal dimensions and encrypted dimensions into Minecraft

Fast Leaf Decay by Olafski

Increases leaf decay rates.

SamCore by samtrion

Base Library for mods written by samtrion.

Scramble Recipe by Doorfail

Every time you craft something there is a chance the result will change.

Mob Banners by darkhax

Adds decorative banners awarded on kill.

Fluid Converters by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Declare and convert Fluid groups.

ClearChat by _infina_

A simple chat clearing mod.

mod_RedMod by By: lololle098 And SwedenSnake (minecraft Names), MCreator

Check It Out!