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World Paint by Wyn Price

Paint your world with functional paint

Roadworks by WThieves, The Minecraft Community

Giving minecraft some detail by creating more realistic streets!


This is an example mod

Base Gems by cyb3rkat

Base Gems Addon

Command Block Recipe by DocGandalf

Adds an Infusion Altar recipe for a command block

TFCNT by lipki

TerraFirmaCraft need that.

Dr Corester by DrMeepster

A library for my mods.

Festivities3 by eekysam

AllAdmin by gravypod

Basic server administration commands

AzTech by LiteWolf101

A mysterious and ancient adventure mod created by LiteWolf101



Additional Banners by Darkhax

Adds many new banner patterns into the game

Tweaker GUI by SuoLianGao

Added in-game GUI screen to edit CraftTweaker recipes.

Miscellaneous Mod by MusicIsLove1416

Much random, such stuff, yep!

Any Dimension Mod by luxluxdev, MCreator

Create dimensions made out of any block!

TallGlass by NicosaurusRex99, MCreator

Blame IChun

Atmosphere by InsomniaKitten

I don't even know anymore tbh.

Extended Decorations by neocromicon

Add more Decoration objects to Minecraft

Glass Bottles to Glass by �8Shadow_Mods

Turn your Glass Bottles back into Glass Blocks

Emerald Mod RELEASE by Mr_SinaYT, MCreator

Emerald Mod adds ALOT of Uses to emerald


This mod adds in many different tools, food, and mobs, (and a boss!) for many different materials!

Pineapple mod by canadianWaffle, MCreator

this is about pineapples


Get more of an item, and triple it!

A Fistful Of Hay by Tokeli, Voidirium

Your horse deserves better. Horse wear and accessories.


This is an example mod

Ice Shards by ljfa

An addon for Glass Shards that adds ice shards

HexWool by Nauja

This mod adds a new block and allows you to give it a custom color. Default texture of the block is a normal wool so it doesn't affect colors applied to it.


Manucraft Mod 3.0!

The Witcher Adventure Alpha by davac222, MCreator

Enter short description here

Diet Hopper by RWTema

Slims down the bounding box of hoppers to allow you to select objects behind it.

Finndus Fillies by Myrathi

Provides horsemeat, cleverly disguised as beef. Also, glue (slime balls).

Dead Mess by dmf444

Filling the world with blood. Removing all vegitation, that is us!

The Elysium

A dimension mod for heroes!

BCMod - GUI patch by Brad16840

Patches the vanilla GUI system to allow backpacks to be opened from incompatible GUIs