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Blasting Elsewhere by StyleGame, MCreator


Tiered Depths by Tfarecnim

A mod about restricting depths.

Starcraft Core by mattparks

Starcraft-2 addon adds all of our solar systems planets, and some moons soon! More info can be found at

ActiveTime by Simon_Flash

Simple Playertime Tracker

Artemis by Arkan Emberwalker

A tool for hunting down those annoying STDOUT piped bugs, and the twits who cause them.


Pressure Point Blocks by pelep

Pressure points! Camouflaged buttons! This mod adds new pixel-sensitive blocks that emit redstone signals


Batuhan Celik'e aittir.

B0bGary's Coal Tools by B0bGary

Durable coal tools made of coal ingots. Coal ingots can be created by smelting a coal block in a furnace.


Flowstone Mod!

BedCraft and Beyond

Add over 2000 different combinations of beds to your world, along with rugs that connect up the sides of other blocks!

Shield Machine Mod by SOL Crafters

This is the mod for you to break blocks easily!

MobsCrops by NaturaSpell


An assortment of random stuff

§6§lPotato Power Craft by §9§lsuperdextor

§b§lThis Mod adds in Whole new usage for the all Mighty §6§lPOTATO§e§l!

BuildcentricTweeks by Gigabit101

Small tweeks for the Buildcentric modpack

Chazpelo's Old Blocks by chazp, MCreator

Remember back when textures for these blocks were different? I don't, i mean i do!

Iron Chest Minecarts by ganymedes01

Minecarts for all the chests added by Iron Chests!

OcoMod by McJararaca

Press L and feel the oco.

Just Another More Ore Attempt by Endergreifer153

Another of many attempts at adding more ores and mining related items

Traverse by Prospector, InsomniaKitten

Adds some neat biomes and stuff (kitten make a better description please)

BurnedKirby's Turn-Based Minecraft

Puts RPG style turn-based combat into Minecraft!

Portal Gates 2 by deenkayros

Portal Gates 2 is a via waypoints teleportation mod

rt by IETlord, MCreator



This mod add items, that you can use to paint vanilla blocks


Emeralds are awesome!

Lazy Lazuli Pipes by LazyLazuli

Simple piping mod. Cheaper alternative for moving items than hopper arrays.

Uncharted by Epidra

Your favourite Biome Panel

UntitledMod by immibis

Modjam 4 entry from immibis

DragonLogin by Draogn



Swasticraft, or Minecomf, is a mod with swasticas. Where you kill hitler.