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Zombie Leather by Murder_is_Tasty

Add's the ability to smelt Rotten Flesh into Leather!

Grinder by iChun

Add an attachable Grinder which works on certain mobs.

BlocksPlus by DylanGore

This mod adds a variety of decorative blocks to the game.

DCsCustomSpawnMod by defeatedcrow


The Bionicle Universe collides with Minecraft in this amazing mod!.

ExtraFirma by xChainblade

Adds more options for early game survival and later game creativity.

UltimaRPG by Turk23, MCreator

An all new RPG experience!

Defacto's Mod by Defacto34

A not finished Mod

Developer World by FireBall1725

Creates a quick dev world

mod_polkzmod by PolkzMiner, MCreator

polkz RPG based mod version 2.0

mod_Nassbrock by Nassbrock, MCreator


ITE Weapons Mod by Plankst, MCreator

New Ores, and Weapons

uppers by vadis365

A mod that adds upside-down hoppers.

GrasslessDirtBackport by Joseph C. Sible

Backports most of 1.8's coarse dirt functionality to grassless dirt

Runic Dust Mod- Default Runes by zombiepig333

A Runic Dust Mod addon that adds many new runes and inscriptions. The 'official' runes of the mod.

Velocity by gurujive

Adding Motion To The Motionless

Cavern by kegare

Adds the cave dimensions.

Brad Mason's Fishing Adventure! by Kim Boulton

Heroin, but worse.

GymCraft by LeonJah90, Leon Neary

GymCraft brings fitness and wellbeing to Minecraft, now you can create your very own Gym in your Minecraft world, whether it be your own personal Gym in your mansion or building a commercial Gym in your metropolis.


This Adds Lots Of Addons To Skyfacotry

Aelpecyem's Bedrock Snoozer by Aelpecyem

This mod implements the Bedrock Sleeping Feature from the Monk Mod in a separate mod

Fantastic Lib by Laike_Endaril

You only need this if it's a dependency for another mod you're running

The Warp Mod

Travelling thru Minecraft will never be the same!

Happy Little Mod by Selim_042

Very simple mod. Just look at a tooltip.

Projectile Balancer by SM9

Balacing Projectiles

Big Fusion by RogueLogic


More Thrilling Mod by a2569875

More Thrilling! Dangerous!! Enjoy :D

Craft And Enchant by Maties7

This mod overrides the output of the enchanting table. instead of getting efficiency, power, fire aspect, etc. you get a new enchant called 'slot'. This enchantment doesn't have any powers, but if you use scrolls and the magic table you can changer slot to whatever enchantment you want. You can also extract dust from enchanted items. Dust allows you to repair enchanted items of the same material without losing enchants


This is an example mod

Particle Accelerator by Yuyuyzl

Accelerate something to get UU matter!