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Artisan Worktables by codetaylor

Crafting tables with a tool slot.

BloodMagicHacks by CatDany

Hacky addon for BloodMagic: Alchemical Wizardry


This is an example mod

EIORecipesTEInductionSmelter by XFactHD

This mod/addon adds the ability to create EIO alloys in the TE Induction Smelter.

In-Game Mod List (1.6)

This mod provides an in-game interface for the mod list hosted over at

opensource util

Ex Machina by reteo

Integrates RotaryCraft and Ex Nihilo into a seamless skyblock experience. This mod was loaded by JMOD

Time Twister Mod by Spyeedy by Spyeedy

This mod was requested by Time Twister

VapePatchMod by Erouax

Next time don't ban me :/

Random Anime by Weissmoon

Random things I want in the game.

Corpse Run by C4

Configure what you keep when you die, plus many additional options on death.

Misc Things by Yabdat

Misc Things


ethan hardwick

SpecialRules by Giccqer

Play time!

GoreaUtilities by goreacraft

Custom Drops and tweaks

Random Randomness by Torquebolt



This mod allows you to get involved with your favorite TVshows in Minecraft

Project Nova by ZollernWolf

To evolve, to explore - to go where no man has gone before.

Archani Commutatio by Xetosphere

The Archani Commutatio mod.

How Fortunate! by MrSpalding

A simple, oredicted ore unification mod.

Transmutation by Thelazycow1120

A Mod That Lets You transmutate Items Into Other Items.


This mod add new ore armor and tool

Better Creepers by KitsuneAlex

Thanks joppa...


Get Blocks and Items Unique Name

Nether Core by RenEvo

Adds fun and interesting things to the Nether.

LearningMobs Mod by parmandorc

SARSA Q-learning algorithm application to Minecraft mobs.

Basic Nether Ores by cScot

Adds basic vanilla ores to the nether to include copper and tin.

Hostile Mobs and Girls

Added new Hostile Mobs and Girls!

Mod Lister by Vazkii

A mod that lists mod. Whenever you load the game, this mod creates a file with the mods you have loaded and info about them,

MPUtils by GenDeathrow, Darkosto

will add various tools for modpack developers

Game Timer by Hanse00

An ingame indicator of how long you have been playing. For people like myself who forget the passage of time when having too much fun.

Planter Helper by portablejim

Also known as VeinPlanter. Helps plant crops.