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Showcase Mod by DiabolicaTrix

A mod to make shops in Minecraft

Vampire Mod by Spectre0987

ToLaserBlade by Iunius118

Adds a Laser Blade.

Redstone Boxes by raydeejay

Magical boxes imbued with abstract energy, made to travel around the mineverse

mod_ResidentEvELLE by Smacktalks, MCreator


Añade la espada de AnthonyCraft

Restrict Zones by PbJBOSS

Restriction of breaking blocks in certain areas.

Castle Defender by SmeagolWorms4, Redori, Vox Populi, Azurn

The Castle Defender




This is an example mod


A Sponge minecraft server plugin for displaying the health above an entity.

p455w0rd MOTD Customizer by TheRealp455w0rd

Server Mod that customizes MOTD, player list tooltip, and server icon

MoreOverlays by feldim2425

Adds some overlays from NEI (Mob spawns, Chunk Bounds, Item Search)


This is an example mod

Iron_Apples by XavierDD1st

Adds Iron Apples to the Game

Dark World by Matthbo

Recreates the overworld in a new dimension, and makes it evil.

§dPieAPI by NuclearBanana

§9These are the classes that help the mod tun faster

Adobe Blocks by BaneSavage AKA Killjoy0593

This Mod Adds Adobe Blocks (Block - Stairs - Slabs - Furnace - Tools) And Much More!

PlayCmds by CoderPixels

PlayCmds is a mod that makes joining games on the Hypixel network easier.

Homestead Companion by Wes Cook

An addon mod to bridge compatibility in the Homestead modpack.


Famous Witches and Wizards Cards


This is an example mod

Applied Fluidics by Thiakil

Fluid handling for AE2

Modular Systems

Build it your way!