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NostaligieRP Plant by AZ_the_froggie

Mod cree pour la nostalgie :D.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Compressed Base by MiningMark48

It's a compressed base!

Luxxy Akatsuki by SirLuxxy

Only with permission of @LuxxyGraphics.

Primitive Mobs mod

This mod adds mobs which seem familar to the player while they totally aren't

Industrial Meat by abused_master

The meat is back!.

Obsidian Buster by Exo594

Adds a special pickaxe, capable of breaking only obsidian, but at an accelerated rate!

MMCReboot by Leelawd93

mod_TheNoobMod by Crafting_lord1, MCreator

Adds noobs to minecraft for fun!

Inventory Tweaks FP by Jimeo Wan, Kobata, Flerpharos

Tweaks to inventory handling for ease of use.

Misty World by Liahim85

A world created for life and research.

Mine Addition by Thadeu, MCreator

MA 1

Armor Sound Tweak by InsomniaKitten

Play the respective equipping sound when (un)equipping armor in a GUI

Resource Loader by lumien

Allows mod pack creators / users to add their own custom textures to minecrafts resources without making a resource pack.

Faucet by ecru


Lively Animals by Rui_rui

This mod seeks to further immerse the player into the game by modifying animal models and behaviors to be more life-like. No more cross-eyed statues!


Adds Armor made for flying


Mods1.10.2 Teste


This mod add more ores

byg by AOCAWOL, MCreator

A biome and adventure mod


This modification adds some new types of zombies!


Mod what adds a few my favourite japanese weapons!

Nnmr Note Block Mod

Note Block as NNMR

Antique Markers by Dagarath

This mod adds the ability to add custom Antique Atlas Markers

Just Another Random Mod by VictiniX888

It's just another random, stupid and useless mod.


This is an example mod

DaVincing by hypercross, two

sculptures and pixel art

YoumuKonpaKu by Ayou

KeystrokesMod , ReachdisPlayMod , SprintMod , FPSMod , CPSMod , MotionblurMod

Banner Loader by dmf444

A mod that allows for custom banners to be made

Item Icon by Code and textures:Rhino,Public realise and updates:AndrewGreat

disharmony ver.2 by HEroBrinEkill1, MCreator

Enter short description here


This is an example mod