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Unturned MOD by spuash918

このMODはUnturnedの要素を追加するMODです。 また、二次配布は禁止です

Simple Minecraft by castielq

WIP - Simple Minecraft (SMC) is Minecraft Mod that will add Simple but Big stuff to minecraft like new items, armors, weapons, mobs and much more.

Booze by rbdyck

Allows you to brew beer and wine, adds grape vines, hops, and heather. Wine and 4 varieties of beer: normal, pre-11th century ale, Irish stout, and Scotish beer (heather ale).

CodeChicken Core by ChickenBones

Base common code for all chickenbones mods.

ForgeAnvil by Mitchellbrine, LexManos (Jk, but don' t rage)

A Utilities mod so I don 't reinvent the wheel OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

Straw Golem by NivOridocs

A mod that add a straw golem, it's a farmer.

Slug's Magic Resistance Mod by Slug, Hiddlo

Tired of Pesky poition wielders and mages? look no further!

Buttons by TehNut

Adds buttons to the lefthand side of the screen.

FoxCore by gravityfox

Core plugin for Fox plugins. This plugin also contains some core functionality that other plugins may wish to use.


This mod adds Terraria Items into minecraft. Hope you enjoyed it!

BetterChunkLoader Forge Lib by KaiNoMood

BetterChunkLoader forge server library

ArmorPlus by sokratis12GR

Didn't you wish to have more armors in your game? If yes there you go this mod adds alot more armors to minecraft!


version: 1.3 for 1.7.10

JadedMaps by Developaws

Singleplayer maps for JadedPacks

Revenge of the Blocks by DaveTheModder

Angry at being broken and placed by the player, the blocks are getting their revenge...

Conglomerate by SnappyDragon (Pengu61151), Judacraz

This KAGIC add-on adds in a variety of new gems.

Auto Crafter by TheIncgi

Automatic crafting without recipe conflict issues

Lots of weird things by katsi, MCreator

Made whatever came to my mind

Redstone Repository by thundR

Re-enhancing the Flux Revolution!

Dynamic Trees for Traverse by Odorousrex

Replaces the trees added by Traverse with dynamic versions.

Enchanted Apples by Ghost

Adds Enchanted Apples.


Add objects which deal with... Blood

CoalMkTwo by , MCreator


PlantTech 2 by Kaneka

Combines technology with plants.

Explorer's Depot: A Sorting Utility by Longbowrocks

Allows you to drop off inventory from exploring with the press of a button.

Custom Mod Rejection Messsage by phit

Allows you to customize the Mod Rejection Messsage

The Nether Mod by XavierDD

this mod is a work in progress.

Re-Zombies-V1.5-Ver-1.12.2.jar by Jenssons, MCreator

Re-Zombies is a mod inspired by Mo-Zombies that sadly hasn't been updated sense 2015.

More FOV settings by Hellsing

(A bit) More FOV settings (check config for them)

Custom FoV by C4

Allows customization of various field of view settings.

Spawn Temple

Creates a temple at World Spawn for safe spawning

CeperaEsc by Cepera

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