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Roguelike Dungeons by Greymerk

A mod that adds random dungeon complexes to the world


This is a mod for those elements!

Mine Through by tommy__123__

Allows players on different networks to play together without a server or port forwarding.


This is an example mod


Mods de MineNorth

Persistent Cake by InsomniaKitten

Simple mod that drops uneaten cakes as an item when broken.

Redd Core by ReddehWow

A util for all of my mods, adding some features that I wish for all of them to share.


Toasted Bread Swagness

RF Guns by GemOfEvan (ign: Victor31415)

Adds the RF Gun to the game plus upgrades!

DanmakuCore by Katrix

A mod that adds the underlying structures of danmaku stuff. Won't do much on it's own.

EmberRoot Zoo by Lothrazar, Elucent

Golems, Fairies, Sprouts, Deer, Slimes, and Fallen Hero.

Carbon Paper by Lothrazar

Carbon paper crafted with charcoal. Copy and paste the contents of Note Blocks and Signs


Mod pack statistics tracker. Does not add any playable content to the game. For privacy information, please see

Sachro's Gun Mod by Sachr_w3x2eb9, MCreator

Enter short description here

RankUpper by FabioZumbi12

Auto rankup plugin based on economy, time or xps

Lil Critters Mod by Mnesikos

A ZAWA mod addon, aiming to add some ambiance with little critters.

Multiple Lights by JOB

Adds more lights to the game.

RRTweaker by EmberQuill

Resonant Rise Minetweaker script handler

Bamboozled by InsomniaKitten

Adds bamboo that can be crafted into decorative blocks, and much more

FastTrade by Dazo66 MC_Eden

FastTrade mod.


This is an example mod

Bitcoin by boni

Adds bitcoins, which can be used in the TE Numismatic Dynamo.

Twix Mod by Alfasio

Un petit Mod pour un serveur fan de twix c:

Blood Baubles by Z_Doctor

For the traveling BloodMage.

Mystical Trinkets

Adds Amulets, Belts and Rings that give you special effects.

Pocket Apocalypse Mod by Enderman_of_D00M

Create your own custom apocalypse for any hostile mob, from Zombies to Withers!

Pipes by CrafterKina


Biome Bundle

Biome Bundle is a completely custom world generator containing a huge pack of over 400 original biomes with over 2000 structures including custom trees, rocks, caves, dungeons, villages and much more.


sirluxxy é foda

Thiakil's Universal Wrench by Thiakil

One Wrench to rule them all. Because you should only need one.

MineClock by Dootcher

A simple clock that tells you the in-game time of day.

BRM by osqpl, MCreator

Blue Rubin mod

CTD Core by TheMasterGeneral

A core mod file for CTD mods so I don't have to repeat code.

Quick Teleports by its_meow

This mod adds a quick and easy way to set tp request with /tpa and /tpaccept