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OC-Minecart by feldim2425

Adds Computer in a Minecart and more.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Lazy Lazuli Lib by LazyLazuli

Core library for all Lazy Lazuli mods.



Lottery by RandomByte

The Lord of the Rings Mod

The Lord of the Rings Mod adds the world of Middle-earth to Minecraft, with many new blocks, items, weapons, biomes, animals, enemies, and more. Choose your side - will you fight for good or evil?

Extended Decorations by neocromicon

Add more Decoration objects to Minecraft

Hardcore Tools by MCJediYoda


Speed Bridge by TSGLuke

Lets you bridge hella fast.


The Godlike Mod

Regeneration by Sub, Lucraft, Nictogen, HoldYourWaffle

Mod that brings a Doctor who Regeneration experience to Minecraft!

Plants 2 by Shadows_of_Fire

Every plant known to man. Well, almost.


Mo'uses for Iron!

Mystical Tools

Adds a ton of new Magical weapons and tools, including an Ender Sword, a Wither Sword and a Pickaxe of Light!

InGame Mod Configs by Lunatrius

Replaces the FML test config GUI with a functional menu.

JoelGodOfWar's Simple Coordinate Mod by JoelGodOfWar

Adds various utilities and enhancements to make your life easier. Designed with the Newbie Minecrafter in mind


Mod for survey without passive mob

Vein Miner Unlockable by _Axiom

Vein Miner is now unlockable.

MyM-WorldDownloader by Knoxz, Idlehumor, Slind

Whitelist Sync by PotatoSauceVFX, peteley

Server Side Mod to Sync Whitelists to a mySQL Database.

stardust by Kanbe Kotori

A Minecraft mod


Dit is een mod van CrackingBytes

pala_mod_tool by AG, MCreator

Enter short description here


This is an example mod

Cut by loukl

a loukl mod

Backpacks! by Brad16840

Adds backpacks and quantum backpacks

Le Chunk du Milieu by pifou92000

Un mod qui ajoute � Minecraft des cr�atures et �l�ments issus de la Terre du Milieu !

SimpleOres 2 by AleXndrTheGr8st

SimpleOres 2 is a more-ores mod with a surprising amount of effort put into balance.

Crafting EX by kegare

Crafting Table can crafting duplicated recipes.

FFxiWaterEraserMod by flameFox