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redstonepumpkin by Cyberscript, MCreator

Togglable Iron Golems


This is an example mod

Translocator by ChickenBones

Translocates stuff! Credits: MouseCop - Textures


This is an example mod

mod_puregoldmod2 by me, MCreator


ThreatChecker by despawningbone

Display a player's power in various forms

Set Bonus by Laike_Endaril

Inspired by Diablo 2 and Terraria, lets you define custom equipment sets that give attribute modifiers or potion effects

Sticky Fingers by BordListian



This is an example mod

BicReturns by Tung115, Catpan, MCreator

BicBiomeCraft crappily remade for 1.12.2 specifically for my Asgard Returns modpack.


Some Futureistic Tools for minecraft!

WorldGen Block Replacer by The_Fireplace

Allows you to replace a block in your world generation with another block.

Programmable Command Blocks by MrDimkas_Studio

This mod allows you to program command blocks in another way you never saw!

Subway Resturant by OMGitsMiniMe

This is the Subway Resturant Mod by OMGitsMiniMe.

Aquatic Armors by Zom'

You always wanted to explore the deep ocean smoothly, then this mod is made for you !

PluckableChickens by Agadar

This mod makes chickens pluckable, allowing you to farm them for feathers.

Infinite Orb by alice



Footpaths: Creates paths where you walk often!

VillagerBlock by alice

Make your auto-trading system!!

Additional Apples by NeXuSPro, MCreator

More Apples,Ores,Biomes,Things!,RPG

FunMC By Konrad by Konrad, MCreator


This mod tweaks a few things and adds a couple items. More features will be added soon. Thanks for downloading!

Friend Tools by Rab, Pau101

Friend Tools Plugin For Hypixel.

Pillar by Vazkii

A mod that allows for customization of structures in worldgen using 1.10 structure blocks.